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HMi Agency International Group

Promotional Gift items in Dubai

HMI Agency mother company was established in Dubai.
We serve clients from Dubai, no matter if our client is ordering a promotional gift item for Dubai, or if they are ordering from Dubai and they are attending to an event in Germany.

Our production and printing factories are providing services to clients internationally, and our sales team are serving clients daily from all over the world.

We never say its to late.
As we offer promotional gift items directly from our ware houses to customers, and we have our own printing facility in Dubai, in Germany, in Italy and in USA, we offer our products also in 24 and 48 hours of deliver no matter what product it is.

Depending on your order, we deliver to your company in Dubai, with no extra charges, as our mother company is based in Dubai.

Order give aways and promotional gift items printed with your logo with different printing options, different packaging and finishings for your next event with best prices to HMI Agency.

For any Inquiry  and orders, send Email to and our sales team will contact you in a short time to make sure you get your order on time in Dubai.