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Hire a Professional team and let them do the job!
We as provide professional online branding, Professional Content Writing, Online Marketing, 
Professional Search Engine Optimization, and Brand Marketing!
No matter what is your expectations, we can help you to get the best result with online and offline marketing!
If you are looking for a company who offers advertising and marketing services and products in Dubai, you have landed on a right website.

HMi Agency International Group

Promotional Gift items in Dubai

HMI Agency mother company was established in Dubai.
We serve clients from Dubai, no matter if our client is ordering a promotional gift item for Dubai, or if they are ordering from Dubai and they are attending to an event in Germany.

Our production and printing factories are providing services to clients internationally, and our sales team are serving clients daily from all over the world.

We never say its to late.
As we offer promotional gift items directly from our ware houses to customers, and we have our own printing facility in Dubai, in Germany, in Italy and in USA, we offer our products also in 24 and 48 hours of deliver no matter what product it is.

Depending on your order, we deliver to your company in Dubai, with no extra charges, as our mother company is based in Dubai.

Order give aways and promotional gift items printed with your logo with different printing options, different packaging and finishings for your next event with best prices to HMI Agency.

For any Inquiry  and orders, send Email to and our sales team will contact you in a short time to make sure you get your order on time in Dubai.
We provide professional advertising marketing services in Germany and Dubai – UAE.

Promotional Gift items in Dubai | Marketing Company in Dubai

Why to choose us for your marketing projects?

Here are 3 Main reasons why you have choose us as your marketing partner in Dubai!
We know well how Dubai has proved to the world that its not about only having money,
its about Managing different circumstances and taking the chance of working with International big names for every matter.
No matter if it comes to construction, or architecture, Interior Designers, or IT companies.

Marketing Services in Dubai | Marketing products in | HMI Agency | HMI gmbh offers Marketing services from Germany to companies in Dubai


We don't offer cheap marketing services, instead we offer a high quality type of marketing services. As we have mentioned HMi is a German Marketing and advertising Agency which its easy to talk about German Quality. You get a real high quality of Marketing services from us!
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Researching, reading, updating, and analysing other companies and your target market in real time, will help us to create the best strategies full of great Marketing ideas and Marketing Products. The result will be definitely great, as we combine modern elements with old Marketing strategies to reach our goals.
Professional Marketing Agency from Dubai | Star marketing with HMI Marketing agency from Germany in Dubai | Marketing solutions in Dubai


Knowing how to do marketing and having a great team is not only enough to be chosen by big brands and companies as Marketing partner. To know how to react professionally and how to decide professionally is what we have consider in our company during providing marketing services to our clients.

We offer all in one Marketing Services:

Graphic Design

Promotional Gift Items

Internet Services

Printing Products


We make your brand famous and big to achieve your goals!

We help you to create a professional successful Business story and present it to your clients to give them the feel of trust.
Knowing how to present your business in market is one of our services which we provide to our clients. 

We know what elements you might need to make a great marketing strategy, and off curse we have our own partners and sources for all of them.
In last few years we have spend a lot of time to create our own Media team, Social Media content creator team, Advertising team, and etc.

We are proud to say we can serve clients from all over the world with high quality and professional marketing services, to help new start up brands and big brands to grow or improve their sales.
By hiring us as your Branding and marketing partner, you will get the 3 following points Guaranteed:  

Professional Presentation

We start with Logo, Simple, Professional, and good looking one in different formats and sizes for different usages.
Then we go to the next step, we create a full professional stationary set with your Logo, with your Brand colour suitable with your brand design.
We combine colours, graphics, icons, Images, with your Logo to create the most professional looking presentation for your brand.
Yes, it doesn’t stop here. We go further and we present your products or services, by creating a nice catalogue for our clients. Again, we don’t try to do everything in old methods, instead we create QR-Codes linking to your Digital catalogue, your company map, and a digital  version of your company presentation using images, animations, videos or any type of media you like.

Online and Internet Marketing

You might consider that nowadays almost everything went from offline to online and digital version. No matter if it’s a local business, or a small shop to biggest and most famous brands and businesses. The question is,
who is able to create you a complete professional online system, starting from website, creating categories, sub categories, up to organising your business online?”
Yes, HMI AGENCY is your solution for that. We take you truth all the steps and guide you first what you need to get online in a professional way and then we try to find different solutions and help you to choose the best matching your budget, ideas, and goals.
By getting your business online you need a complete online Marketing, which you will get all of it from one source called HMi.

Professional Branding

To create a professional presentation for your business and brand, and then getting everything online and creating a digital version of it, you might be able to find cheaper solutions such as agencies and agents who you can be hired hourly to do your job.
However, the result will be completely different. We know exactly what can affect your business and what can help your business to grow. In fact, we don’t charge you for working per Hour. Instead we provide professional Branding services, and we make sure what you get as result will not be anything else than,
• Your Requirements
• Your Vision & Your Goal
We have worked with big brands and companies around the world in different business fields and we know exactly how to do Branding in a Professional Way.

What is Marketing

We believe,
Marketing is the activity and process of presenting and attracting more customers into a shop, business or creating traffic into a website.
Marketing in general is not a product to buy, we believe marketing is big process and needs a large strategy, E depending on the circle of your customers. It gets even more in detail and it goes to promoting, advertising and Branding. Marketing is the heart of every business!

Where we offer our Services to...

We offer Marketing services in a high class and luxury way with the best strategies for Big brands and no-name businesses
Explore our marketing services when it combines with Branding and advertising along with Online marketing and Printing Products.

We offer Marketing for Hotels in Dubai | We offer printing Products for Hotels in Dubai | HMI is a Marketing agency from Germany with over 35 years of experience | HMi GmbH | HMI AGENCY is a part of HMI GmbH


We offer all of your needs for HOTELS and HOTEL Industry. From Indoor signages, outdoor signages, Door numbers, floor numbers, up to smallest details in a Hotel. Click on the button below to get more information! We offer 5-star and luxury gift items form different brands depending on your needs and budget.
HMI AGENCY OFFERS PRINTING AND MARKETING PRODUCTS for buildings and towers in Dubai | We print your banners and signages for towers in Dubai | HMI printing services in Dubai


We offer all of your needs for new towers, New buildings and any resort in Dubai. Starting from Elevator signages, exit signages, Parking signs, Entrance Signs, Door signs, up to website, Uniform and all of your needs. How about assigning a professional marketing company to take care of all your printing, Internal and external Network system, along with your Building presentation.
We offer all of your printing and marketing needs for shopping malls in Dubai | We design and print your advertising inside Shopping malls in Dubai | HMI Marketing company offers Advertising proucts and services in Dubai


We offer all of your needs for shopping malls, from Internet and digital marketing and advertising, up to printing of inside or outside of the mall in Dubai. We design and Print also your needs no matter what they are in Dubai. We believe a world class shopping mall needs also a world class marketing company behind it, which we are proud to say we offer marketing services as all in one service for small up to large size shopping malls in Dubai!
We design and print all of your needs for Dubai Government | We offer marketing and Online services to United Arab Emirates Government | HMi GmbH offers marketing in Dubai


We proudly offer all of our products and services to Government of Dubai and other cities of UAE. We make sure to provide all of our services with high security under any circumstances in Dubai. From Button Badges, Lanyards, Card holders, Uniforms, to Online marketing, Online Security & Cloud Solutions.
We offer all of your marketing and printing needs for Schools and Colleges in Dubai at HMi | HMI GmbH is a German made company with over 35 years of experience in Marketing


With HMI you will get all of your needs no matter if it's for Schools, Institutes, colleges or sport clubs. Starting from creating your name to making you a professional Logo, and making a professional branding for you. For a professional look you need to have you own uniform, made from special colors printed with your logo, some student welcome packs with note pads printed with your name and logo and so on.
We offer Printing products and marketing solutions for Universities in Dubai | We offer Marketing products for Colleges in Dubai at HMi | HMI marketing agency


Get all the needs for Universities, from Printing to designing,, Local Online cloud to Student portal Websites, and Printing products such as banners, roll ups, Signs, Name badges, and student welcome packs branded with your logo in Dubai from only one source! (Image source: Gulf news) We also make custom Certificates with special finishings for your students, with som especial branded gift items.
We offer marketing services to real estates in Dubai | Start marketing with a professional team from Germany called HMI AGENCY | HMi GmbH


Real Estate as another field of business who can be our next clients. We have done many projects for Real Estates in Dubai, such as a complete website with Search Engine Optimizing for Organic search results. However we have also added all of real estate marketing and printing needs to our products to be able to offer them all in one place.
Marketing solutions for companies in Dubai | We offer advertising services to agencies and companies in Dubai | HMI Agency is a marketing agency from Germany | HMI GmbH - Germany's No.1 Marketing company of the year - HMi GmbH in Germany


We offer all of your needs from A to Z for establishing a company in Dubai. We help you to choose your name, we create you a professional Logo, we create a a marketing concept, with a nice looking presentation as catalogue. Last but not at least, we deliver you also nice and professional all in one Web site with all of your requirements.
We offer marketing services for Biggest brands in World in Dbai | Start marketing with HMI AGENCY from Germany with over 35 years of experience | HMI GmbH is one of the best Marketing companies from Germany which offers marketing services in Dubai


We offer luxury advertising and signages with top finishings for Brands in Dubai. No matter what business field you have, we are able to create online marketing campaigns and also to promote your brand in different methods. We know well what Brands and big companies need to have for growing or for promoting in a specific season of the year.
We offer Printing products for Restaurant in Dubai | We offer marketing and advertising products for restaurant in Dubai | HMI GMbH | HMI AGENCY


Real Estate as another field of business who can be our next clients. We have done many projects for Real Estates in Dubai, such as a complete website with Search Engine Optimizing for Organic search results. However we have also added all of real estate marketing and printing needs to our products to be able to offer them all in one place.
Print your Event advertising at HMI Printing company with best prices and over 35 years of experience in Dubai | HMI offer Marketing solutions to Event planners in Dubai


We design your Posters, Your flyers, your tickets, Event stage, DJ boots, Club Banners, Staff T-shirts and Giveaways printed with your own logo and name in Dubai with best prices possible. We also create a website for your event to be able to provide online booking to your customers and selling Tickets in advance online.
Order your exhibition advertising needs to HMI in Dubai | Order your giveaways for exhibitions to HMI AGENCY in Dubai | We offer Fair trade show stands and exhibition boots with printing products in Dubai | HMI GmbH


We offer luxury advertising and signages with top finishings for Brands in Dubai. No matter what business field you have, we are able to create online marketing campaigns and also to promote your brand in different methods. We know well what Brands and big companies need to have for growing or for promoting in a specific season of the year.
Marketing services in Dubai | Start professional marketing in Dubai with HMI | Advertising products in Dubai | advertising services in Dubai

Why Dubai?

Many ask us why we offer services in Dubai and we even we concentrate on providing services and products to UAE?

UAE in General, is where we have started our advertising company. Dubai is our Home, in fact Dubai is the most Leading city of the world. Longest tower in the world, Biggest Aquarium in the world, Best Hotel in The world, longest residential tower in the world, deepest Diving swimming pool in the world, are only few of positive points of Dubai.
Dubai has become one of the most luxury cities in the world, know as one of the most secure cities in the world.
In 1965 UAE’s population was only 150.000, and in 2015 the population of UAE has increased to 9.3 million people.
Investing in Dubai is amazing, how biggest companies in the world ahas moved to Dubai and invested in UAE, is another reason why Dubai is one of our target customer.
So its kind of easier to ask why not to choose Dubai?!

Marketing in Dubai is a highly sought-after activity in the region due to a number of reasons. Firstly, Dubai’s strategic location, modern infrastructure, and diversified economy has been a key reason why large multinational corporations are drawn to the region.
Secondly, the competitive and dynamic nature of the market has made businesses both local and international to be highly active in seeking ways to advertise their products or services effectively.

To achieve this, it is essential for companies looking to market their products or services in Dubai to gain a deep understanding of the local culture, preferences, and regulations unique to the region.
They need to consider a mix of traditional and digital marketing channels, which includes social media, events, exhibitions, Trade shows, advertising, and influencer marketing.

Lastly, companies must have an excellent grasp of Arabization and localization, as it is critical to developing marketing content that resonates with Dubai’s multilingual and multicultural population.

Above all, building strong relationships with local partners and stakeholders, and international companies and agencies are essential in expanding a company’s reach and enhancing its reputation in the region.

Dubai’s diverse economy is continuously growing and offers significant potential for businesses looking to market their products or services. It is, therefore, paramount for companies to approach their marketing strategies with the right approach, cultural sensitivity, and consideration for the region’s unique context.

Marketing products in Dubai | Advertising services in Dubai | Advertising & marketing in Dubai

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