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Explore the best and most affordable advertising and marketing products and services at HMi!
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Advertising is the heart of a business!

Heart of every Business is the sales. Which means if a company doesn’t have any sales, the company will close soon. the first element for having a better sales, is advertising.

Its easy to understand how marketing is important by studying big brands histories and concepts.

Advertising Services can change everything in your business.

Advertising products can help you to present your company, business or shop more smoother than manual advertising.

Advertising products such as Printed t-shirts, Printed cotton bags, Printed paper bags, Printed catalogs, printed notebooks and similar products.

HMi Agency concentrates mostly to advertising products and advertising solutions in Germany for brands and companies. No matter if you are a small new brand or planing to make better advertising for your business.

With HMI Agency you will get the best consultation and result in advertising part.


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Creating professional ads, and knowing how to control your advertising process needs experts and experience. HMi Advertising agency with over 3 decades of  excellent experience, will make sure you get the best result with advertising.
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TOP Advertising Agency Award

We have created over 16.000 ad campaigns direct, and indirectly for our clients.
The results showed that paid ad campaigns could also affect your organic traffic.
We have combined 6 months of Ad campaigns, an SEO Professional Package, and monthly 6.000 peace advertising products, and we have got a result of +700% of revenue.
This project was made for a client in the United States of America, for a newly started company and no name brand.
We have achieved over 46.000 people with organic traffic after 6 months of activity.
This has made us earn The award of Top Advertising Agency with the title of customer-friendly strategy in 2021-2022.

Different fields and different Ideas! Different concepts and different Brands. We are #hmiagency

Online Advertising

Starting from ad campaigns on search engines, up to ad campaigns on social media, and Search engine organic marketing.
We as HMi Agency, develop and grow every year with the only main goal,
To be your only source for advertising and marketing products or services.
We create and design your complete online advertising package depending on your needs.

Advertising Products

Advertising Products can be a single design and printed brochure, and it can be also your company name printed on a billboard on a highway, or promotional gift items printed with your logo.
Advertising can be done in different ways and methods.
Advertising products are one of the most popular methods of advertising worldwide.

Advertising Technology

One of the newest ad. methods is advertising technology. Advertising Technology is created as software and elements that brands use to manage their online advertisement and digital activitiesAdvertising Technology is mostly created for brands who are planning to grow professionally in a time period. As IT is taking all over our lives, advertising technology can also be the key to online ads.

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HMI Agency is your key to success

We serve brands and companies from all over the world. We as HMI Agency team are proud to say we have went troth all tapes of experience and solutions for advertising in events, in concerts, in Local markets, in Exhibitions, in fair trades, and also Internationally.
Which it made us a better version of us.

Web Design

We provide solutions for your ideas and we create your design with the best tools to deliver a great result to you. Web designing needs a well trained and professional team. A website can be made within 2 hours, and also it can be done within 1 year.

Web Development

We redesign and try to create a better picture of you online. Development can be done in any scale, depending to your design, target customers, and target market, we will try to develop your project as you wish with best quality possible.


We create your ads, your artworks, your graphics based on licensable images and services. In some case if the client has special inquiry, we also provide professional product photography and product detail images. HMI Graphics will help you for your Special Inquiries.


We design as a sketch, and we convert the sketch into a real art work by bringing all your ideas to the life. We make sturdy your brand, your needs, your products and your market cap to make sure what to design for a better result.


Even if it comes to app, we will creat from A-Z all the program, all the coding, as you wish for overtype of smartphone softwares. Apps are the biggest part of humans life. We create and develop you an App for your business.


We create your front page, or better call it presentation. For completing your whole program, we offer advertising services. No matter if its an online advertising or an offline advertising as printed advertising products with your logo, name or design.

Reach your Audience

Make sure you reach your audience, no matter how. It might be per video advertising, audio advertising, or any other type of advertising.

Start your advertising, with HMi!
We start by studying your company and creating a strategy.
We make sure to plan the first 3-6 months of your advertising.
To know exactly how much to spend, when, and where to invest in your advertising plan.

For the next step, we move forward to review the plan, test it, and make changes.
Experience showed us that learning your target customers, and learning your target market can affect the result of ad campaigns and advertising.
Knowing your customer’s needs, can help you to decide better on the timings of your advertising.
Knowing your customer’s budgets, can affect your advertising as well.
If you are looking to sell your products to reach people, you might consider high-quality products and high-quality packaging.
A high-quality product needs also high-quality customer service. This shows us how important is to study well your clients.

Best Advertising Agency in Germany | HMi advertising agency in Bochum | HMi GmbH Bochum
Best Advertising Agency in Germany | Advertising & Marketing agency in Bochum | HMi Advertising Company in Bocum

We Combine

Our expert advertising team will help you with offline advertising, and at the same time, with online ads and organic search engine marketing.

We have come through traditional branding and marketing to reach here at this point.
We have learned many different points from each client we have served in every country. HMi Advertising team offers you and all of our customer’s creativity in advertising combined with modern effective strategies and systems for the best results.
Knowing who we are exactly might help you to choose us easier and trust us for any big project.
We have come to advertising with 8 main services,
• Branding & Strategy
• Printing and Advertising
• Online & Offline advertising
• Events Advertising
• Advertising products and giveaways
• Advertising Technology & Systems
• Advertising Designs and Artwork
• Advertising materials

Change your perspective!

We believe you never must look at advertising as spending only presenting your brand to your clients.
Instead, we always say to our customers, change your perspective to advertising.
Advertising is more or less, like investing in your business. Imagine if you provide the best product or services without advertising you will never be able to reach more customers.
Generally, you will advertise to remind your old customers about your product and services and to get more customers.

More customers mean more traffic to your website, and more traffic and customers brings you more revenue.

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