''Create or Recreate a brand''

Branding is the value you give to your brand. What value would you give to your Brand & Business?

First, create a plan for your brand and future of your brand.


Second, make a goal for your Brand, and know where you will achieve in the future.


Make sure you know what is the quality of your service & Product!



Creating a unique plan and strategy for making your brand to be loved, will make people follow you more likely. Getting more Followers means getting more engagement with customers.

Branding is to create a professional display of your brand and company. In other words, Branding is exactly the identity you make for your brand.

Branding Strategy By HMi Agency

Branding needs creativity!

Many points must be done for professional branding when it comes to Premium and world-class branding, the amount of plan and strategy will increase at the same time.
To create a perfect branding vision for your brand, you need to first know exactly your clients and your target customers.
After finding all the specifications of your target customers, you must move on to the next elements of branding, which we believe are, loyalty, Flexibility, and professional customer service.
Many more facts and elements can affect your brand and company, and we have mentioned a few of them on the Branding page (current page).


Depending on your branding strategy, your customers will automatically give value to your name and brand. Your brand value can be high or low, depending on your concept and vision.


Color, Logo, Design, Icon, Advertising sets, uniforms, & promotional gifts can make your brand look professional. For this reason, we always start our branding services with mentioned products.

HMi Branding agency in germany

Branding can help you to develop your business easier!

With professional Branding, you get more attention. More attention can bring you more customers, which means more sales.
The whole Branding system will help you to be able to launch new products, and new services, develop your business, and more.
• Another positive point about Branding is to be able to create a strong and professional Identity for your brand.
• Co-Branding, can also help your brand to get better and faster results in branding your company.
Many brands have used this strategy in our life such as Nike, Balenciaga, and many more.

One of the best Examples of the Co-Branding technique is BlackBerry Phones combined with the Porsche Design brand.
As shown in the front picture, how beautiful and what a nice combination was that!

HMi-Agency_HMi-advertising-agency-in-germany_HMi GmbH | HMi Marketing company in Germany
HMi Agency_Branding_Business-card_as-brandingHMi Agency_Branding_Business-card_as-branding__HMi-Advertising-agency-in-germany

Branding Porducts

Branding can be done with different products and in different sizes, depending on your business, field of business, target customers, competitors, goal, and vision.
A professional Business card, is one of the best products as your first branding strategy.

We do Branding for brands and companies,

Branding helps you to look professional and grow your business for better future!

For us, Branding starts with finding your & your customer needs in a market.
As big as your target market is, your budget for Branding must be higher. We as HMi Advertising Agency, believe in right advertising and branding.
Having a professional branding plan will help you to stay in your clients mind.
Branding in Germany cannot be done by a small and startup agency. Germany has one of the most powerful markets in the world.

Having a brand promise, or creating the right slogan for your brand can create a better picture of your brand for your clients.
You must be clear with your customers, and make sure that your brand stands out from your competitors.
Is that price, or maybe quality, top customer service, fast production, or anything else. Depending on your product and services, you might consider these points and elements while planning and creating your Branding strategy.

Its important to know how to do advertising. How to advertise, where to advertise and when to advertise. The 3 most in common questions which most of the companies look for the best answers.
Advertising can be done online and offline, depending on the size of your clients and market.
Creating and starting advertising needs a professional team. A team who checks and analyses the market and calendar before starting an advertising campaign.
Knowing the keywords and the needs of a market can help you to  find the gaps in your target market.
Some Products and services might be needed in some seasons more than other seasons. This is why we always make make sure to do a research before starting any branding project.

Branding in Germany,
when you see a company offers branding services, what do you think about the company in first look?
Do you think of professional procedure of advertising or lets say a professional way of presenting a brand?
If you are thinking about this 2 points, you are completely right.
A professional Branding needs to be done by professional people and company.
Branding is all about making your customers to think about you. Thinking about you, needs signs, items, ideas, ads, products, colors, and many more elements.
How do we come up with the best ideas?
Its easy to say, first, we analysis your target market, then the find the gaps, we create a plan and offer you different strategies with different cost and timelines.

Branding in Germany, has a long and old history.
Look at the best brands made in Germany, Brands such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, DHL, Haribo, Kinder Chocolate & etc.

Branding means creating a strong and positive profile for your company. Creating a particular color for your ads, uniforms, and logo.
A color which will reminds everyone to your brand.
Knowing the sociology of colors can help you to choose the right color for your company.
Branding can help your customers to trust you better and easier. Trusting your company, needs a professional and clear profile. Profile will help you to create an Identity.

Let your company to shine.
Having a professional branding plan, will make your company shining to your customers eyes.
Researches shows us, a client will pay more easy to a brand than to a small name or no name products. Creating a professional looking brand, needs a professional branding.

Our definition for Branding

What is Branding?

Branding means giving professional identity to a brand and name, and make it shine in customers eyes.

Branding needs management to control the activities and have eyes on every single move of branding process.

Branding needs time, branding doesn’t have any shortcuts.

Research shows us professional branding need a period time of 6-12 months.

Knowing you market, analysing your target customers will help uou to save money and save time for successful branding.

Branding is a process of selling your name to customers not your products or services.

Its easy to see how famous brands such as LV has made their name a famous in design and clothing field.

Usually Branding is about to concentrate on a single goal, and to provide a high quality customer service in addition to show the royality of your brand.

Your brand is your identity , and your identity is the way you plan to grow a brand.