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We create and find solutions to make you more sales!

Being your one and only Source

To be your only source for marketing, advertising, and printing we have made a lot of research to make sure how to build our system online. Creating an online system with all of your needs, in different versions, with different types, different titles, names, brands, and logos.
We have made the last 6 years over 3000% development to make sure we reach the highest quality and newest production facilities.

HMi Agency | HMi GmbH | HMi is best advertising & marketing agency 2023 in Germany

Our Goals

Our goal is to serve less, with the best!
We have created a plan and redesigned everything in HMi Agency to increase the chance of serving bigger names and clients.
We have served big brands in the last few years. We have successfully delivered 1.7 million promotional gift items and printing products to customers in 2022.
But, let’s see our 4 goals for the future!

Getting Better

To grow, develop, and to reach a better number of services and products. We use every single experience to get better everyday.

Being Better

To be a better brand than your competitors, you always need y clever plan and non-stop work. Being better needs better reasons to be chosen by your clients.

Creating the best!

To be able to create the best, you need different elements. You need to know your market, you need to know your plan exactly. To create the best, you also need the experience to solve your customer's problems and reach quality.

Serving the Best!

Yes, we believe in serving the best. We try to serve start-up customers, & also big brands and names worldwide. Your advertising makes your future better, so what is better than being on our customer list? Customers who order from us, are our first priority.

The simple process of ordering!

We offer different types of ordering methods, in some of our websites we offer online ordering, on some, we offer Ordering via Phone, on some Email orders.
Depending on your selected website, the ordering process might be different. However, for making your job easier always offer Inquiry-based Orders as well.


Contact us

Find us, contact us via mail, phone, contact form, or by visiting our sales office.


Get free Consultation

Our professional sales & Support team will help you to find your needs. By finding your needs, we will be able to offer you the best matching products and services.


We do the rest!

We at HMi Agency try our best to be your one source for advertising, printing, and marketing solutions.

HMi Agency Departments and teams

HMi Agency is made from 9 main departments & teams. You can see and read more about every department and every part of HMi Agency's deparments in the following part.

HMi Agency | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency Concept | Advertising & online marekting company | 101
HMi 101
Sales Department | Our professional Sales team will help you to find the best matching items, products, and services for you with the best prices.
HMi Agency | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency Concept | Advertising & online marekting company | 202
HMi 202
Accounting | Invoices, Payments, receipts, payment confirmations, payment notices, & other payment tasks will done by Accounting Team.
HMi Agency | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency Concept | Advertising & online marekting company | 303
HMi 303
Warehouse/ Inventory Department | Team 303 is responsible for our Inventory and Warehouse jobs.
HMi Agency | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency Concept | Advertising & online marekting company | 404
HMi 404
Production/ Printing Department | One of the busiest teams in our company, responsible for every printing and productions at HMi.
HMi Agency | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency Concept | Advertising & online marekting company | 505
HMi 505
IT & Online department | Team 505 is responsible for Online tasks, projects, errors, and bugs. Expert and professional team working 24x7.
HMi Agency | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency Concept | Advertising & online marekting company | 707
HMi 606
Sourcing Department | Responsible for purchasing, outsourcing, ordering products, and keeping our Printing facility up-to-date.
HMi Agency | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency Concept | Advertising & online marekting company | 707
HMi 707
Shipping Department | Packaging, shipping, and delivery are the main tasks of team 707. Keeping every single order under the track.
HMi Agency | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency Concept | Advertising & online marekting company | 808
HMi 808
Support Team | Calims, problems with orders, any problem with printing, production, missing Items, etc. The support team is here to help you solving your issues with orders.
HMi Agency | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency Concept | Advertising & online marekting company | 909
HMi 909
Quality Control Team | Checking products before entering the warehouse, and before the shipping process is another matter of ours, Team 909 is responsible for that.

HMI Agency Concept is made on 3 types of products

Our 3 types of Products

To make sure you get what you need from HMI advertising and marketing Agency in Germany we have divided our products and services into 3 different types of packages.

Price guarantee advertising products and services in Germany with HMi Agency

Price Guarantee

For clients who are trying to pay less and still get the best out of it, we recommend Price Guarantee Package. Considering this type of package we focus on breaking the price in the market.
Get an official offer from any advertising & printing company, and send it to us, HMi will try to offer you either the same or 10% less.


Quality Guarantie

For brands & names, Who cares about quality more than price.
We offer different types of advertising and gift items in Germany and printing products. This gives us the chance to offer different types of products quality.
The Quality Guarantee package makes sure you get the best quality printing and products from HMi.

Delivery Guarantee advertising products in Germany with HMi Agency

Delivery Guarantie

For customers who are looking for products to be delivered at a certain time, for an event, for an exhibition, trade show, conference, meeting, or any other purpose.
Delivery Guarantee Packages makes sure to deliver your order on time to you, your event, or your client on time. Depending on the item, Extra charges might be added.

#1 marketing and printing company in German | HMi GmbH | since 1989

Best Advertising and Marketing Agency 2022

Click on the link below to find out more about the Best Advertising and Marketing agency in 2022 Germany.
A nice and complete brief about how HMi has affected the advertising field in Germany.

We have reached the best place in marketing and advertising ranking in Germany in 2022.
We have served daily thousands of customers from the United States, Great Britain, UAE, Qatar, Australia, Canada, and many more countries.
HMi GmbH ( was indexed by many sourcing companies and search engines as the best advertising and promotional gift item supplier in Germany.
We have the pleasure to get the chance to be first in the Country, and that’s why we care more about the quality of our products and work.
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Reach the highest quality of Advertising & Marketing

HMi Agency offers Advertising & marketing services and products.
to make your job easier, we offer almost every type of online marketing services as well.
With over 300.000 clients in 6 months, we have reached the highest number of Customer contacts in Germany from all over the world.
HMi Agency will be your only source for advertising, marketing, printing, and IT jobs.

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