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After a web designer has created a website, no matter what type of website, every page, and every block needs information and pictures.
Its not about only information and pictures, its about high quality of information for every page or element. 
Its like creating a perfect car such as Mercedes, and using no name parts inside the interior for users. How negative will be that in your customers eyes.

One of the common questions now aways we are facing, clients would like to save their money and instead start writing content by them self.
You can easily start writing content in your language by reading about that subject and having enough information. remember, knowing how to putting the sentences next to each other and how to explain a subject can effect your website ranking on Search Engines such as, and … .
Its not wrong to write content by your self, its only time consuming and occurs you have read and research hours and hours.
Again, its like asking why should I go to a restaurant? I can cook everything by watching videos on YouTube by my self.
Yes, you can cook, however for a single meal you might spend more money and more time to prepare, and facing a bad result for the first few times will make you not saving money, instead losing money and time.
We recommend to our clients to let the professionals do the job and you as a client concentrate on your business.

We offer also content writing to our clients. 
Its always your choice to hire us for your website content or to hire a private person or another company for that.

By searching on google, you can find different content writers in your town and area.
However we recommend you, to try using your web designers Content writer partners for your website.
Experience shows us,
as much as a Webdesigner and content writer work together, the more chance they have for getting abetter result on search engines.

No, Web designing is a different process than content writing.

Web design Companies and agencies offer different services and packages with different prices. You might ask your Web design agency for that to make sure.

Content writing is a full time job, it needs experience, knowledge, and a team who can manage to that most of the time.

Depending on packages your content writer offers to you, he/she will charge you starting from 1€ per word, per sentence, per paragraph or per page.

Its easier to say there is no written rule for that, and every content writer have their own prices and plans.

We as HMi IT offer you also content writing for your websites, depending on your budget and number of pages prices can be different.

Its easy to answer that question, as you are already reading our content.

There are many key elements and factors for better quality of content writing. Many of them are public and many of them will stay a Webdesign Agencies secret.
Its kind of easy to say, knowing how long must be a sentence is one of the key elements. Imagine how many factors are there for better writing.

Content Writing

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One of the most common mistakes to do.
Copywriting as content writing is to copying an information from another website, competitor website, or even any blog online to use on your own website. This Process will contain many bad results for your website in search Engine. Search Engines doesn’t you to copy any content or text form another source on Internet.
That is one of the biggest challenges which a content writer will face in his carrier all the time.

Content Writing



Start with searching online about your business. Read and lear more how other companies are providing your services or products.



Do not start anything online without a plan. Knowing when to use what type of content can help you to increase the chance of ranking better in your clients eyes.



Always check your content after launching a project, and let clients to share their opinion with you for improving and finding your mistakes.

On Budget Contents
might be great for start!

Finding the best articles and elements about your field, is not all the job we as your content writer will offer you.
We offer you 3 reasons why to choose us as your content writer.

Engaging Articles

We dont stop at only writing a paragraph for your article. We continue writing to blogs and posts, for better engagements and results.

Design & Colors

Who wants to stay on a website with 2 colors for a long time? yes, colors and design of your content will help your website to shine always.

The art of Creativity

Reading, writing, editing are the elements of content wiring. However creative information and contents will have a different result on your website.