Why cookies are Important?

Cookies are Important while it helps us to track some of your activities over our website.
Tracking our visitors during visiting our website helps us to understand what pages and sections are more important so we can develop and try to improve them more.
Cookies can be turned off on your wish, however we never recommend that. by switching of cookies, some parts of the website might not look normal and/or some plugins, some parts might be not shown to you as a visitor.

If you come up with the Idea of not letting a website to track your moves while visiting their website, most of the websites or social medias will not accept even to show you their website.
However we don’t do that, but we don’t recommend you as a visitor to change Cookies setting in our website.

Why do we use Cookies?

We use cookies on HMI Agency website to improve and to grow in at the right way.
With cookies we will be able to find our mistakes and problems faster, which it can really help jus to improve our system.
Cookies are not bad for visitors of a website, if we as the owner of make sure your data and information stays secret and secure.
The good news is, yes we do that and we confirm taking care of our visitors information and moves that tracked by our website.
We never trade our visitors information or sell them to a third party company.
In 2023, over 95% of the websites in all over the world uses Cookies and other ways to get the visitor information. As the law of Germany/ Europe, We have to explain this matter to our clients clearly and give them always an option to choose between accepting or refusing to use cookies.

We provide 2 main services to our clients and customers.
Marketing & Advertising.

Explore more about our services, promotional gift items and printing products in Germany at website.
Remember: Its not about marketing only, here at HMI you will get the best quality of marketing services and products from one professional hand.

We believe that many companies invest their marketing budget wrongly on online ad campaigns and one ads, which it might not be the best solution always.

If you would like to read more and find more out about our services, try to visit about us page on



How to present your brand, name, your product or services to your clients.


Advertising Solutions, from printing to online ad campaigns and SEO Projects.

• Browser Catch:
A short time memory that saves the last version of a page while loading by your browser.
No matter if it is in Phone, smart phone, Tablet, Laptop, PC or any other Electronics.

• Browser Catches can be deleted manually or Automatically if you as a visitor or a user of any browser set a time to delete your catch.
• Browsing Data is also a type of cookies which has no risk for a visitor, and many Internet brwosers use it for better quality of services.

We use cookies, but we work hard on security of our website to make sure you get the best experience with browsing on HMI Agency website.