HMi'S Common Questions

HMi Agency

Who is HMi Agency?

HMI Agency is known as HMI GmbH, HMi Gift, HMI GmbH Germany and with other names. HMI agency is an advertising and marketing company with printing facility in house to able to deliver most of the advertising and marketing needs in the market. HMI Agency is private company based in Germany, with over 34 years of experience and serving big brands from all over the world.

Since when does HMi Agency exist?

HMI Agency is stablished on Feb. 2018 in Germany, along with our sister company which has been Established on 1989 in Dubai.

Why HMi?

We try our best to provide a great and professional customer service, with high range of printing products, promotional gift items, advertising & marketing services to make sure you will not need any other companies to look for, for your upcoming events, fair trade shows, exhibitions, seminars and etc.

What is the goal of HMi?

HMI's Goal is to be the best and the biggest advertising & marketing agency from Germany. We read, we learn, we upgrade our systems and we create the best. designs and most professional systems to make sure we deliver the best product and services to our clients.

Who is HMi GmbH?

HMI GmbH is the type of the license we have in Germany. HMI is one of the best and most professional advertising, marketing companies since 2018 in Germany. Who served small businesses, new established brands and big brands from all over the world. HMi GmbH has been in the German market arrant 10 years and trying to provide a real 5 star customer service with printing and online services along.

Where is HMi Agency?

HMI advertising Agency is based in Bochum at the moment. We also have sales office and printing factories in other cities in Germany.

What HMi Agency offers?

We never say we are the cheapest. But we try to be the best. HMI tries to be your only one source for your advertising and marketing needs. We serve clients from all over the world, while we have a well trained and professional team in house which it makes us able to deliver almost everything from one hand.

Can we corporate with HMi?

Yes. as we develop our services and our systems, we will be happy to find different agencies who like to corporate with us in Germany or Internationally. We as HMI Advertising Agency, try our best to be your partner for your needs however keeping our products and services on a high quality level is our main goal.


We do the job for you and your business!

HMi Agency

Why marketing?

Because HMI is using it own printing facilities, advertising products, and experiencing one of the best online marketing result in world in las 10 years world wide.

How much does it cost to start Marketing?

Depending on your budget, our professional sales team will try to offer you the best product and services. Depending on your target customers, on your target type of customers, on your target country or city we will try our best help you at start.

What is the reason to do marketing with HMi?

HMi is using the best and the most professional online advertising systems to make sure that the result will be great and top. We have learned and created our own online advertising systems to reach to more people from all over the world. HMi offers not the cheapest products or the cheapest services, but we offer the most professional ones instead.

How HMi can help us in marketing?

HMi can help you from A to Z in marking, no matter if its about marketing products, marketing services, or creating a complete idea as marketing for a brand or a name.

What can be the result of Marketing with HMi?

The result is very easy to see. A company who works 7 days a week internationally with all type of clients, can help you to create online contents and marketing strategies with less risks and mistakes.

Do we get Guarantee for services from HMi?

Depending on your inquiry. If you are looking for an online advertising campaigns, or Search Engine optimisations, its better to say no. No one can guarantee that. however our online experts will try to create the best contents and create the best and the most powerful backlinks for better results. But if you are looking for a product, then the answer is yes.

Printing Common Questions

HMi Agency

What printing products does HMi Offers?

Offset printing, digital printing, pad printing, screen printing, laser marking, laser cutting, laser Engraving, UC printing, Latex Printing, Special White Printing, Sublimation and more.

Does HMi Prints in house?

yes, most of the printing services are done in house in Bochum city in Germany, Some of them are provided at our second and third printing factory in Germany. Depending on your order, on your quantity and your selected product, we will offer the best matches to your needs. Depending on your order, we might deliver your order from Germany, Italy, or Dubai. We and our sister companies try always to deliver fastest way possible.

I would like to print a catalogue, but we dont have any printing file, is it still possible to print at HMi?

Yes. We are not only a printing company based in Germany, We are an Advertising and printing company with different parts and different sister companies. The concept of HMi is to make your job easier in this matter, you dont need a ready made file or ready printing file for ordering, our professional graphic designers will help you in this matter with an extra charges/fees to create you from A-Z your needs and turn it to an actually catalogue. Contact our support team and we will do the rest.

How many printing products does HMi offers?

We offer near to 2 million Printing products in different colors, sizes, shapes, formats, with different materials, finishings, packaging, printing and etc.

What printing technologies does HMi Offers?

We try to upgrade our printing facilities every year to be able to deliver the best printing products, no matter if its about packaging, customized tape printing, cotton bag printing or etc.

How long does printing takes?

Depending on your order, on your item, quantity and season of ordering, delivery timing might be different. However we offer standard printing time of 3-5 working days after payment and artwork confirmation. Promotional gift items, and offset printing might have longer printing times. contact our support team to get more information. *Note: We offer also same night printing with extra charges for clients who needs their order faster for any reason.*

What HMi Agency offers?

What we offer as printing products can not be explained in one or more sentence. Try to explore more in Printing category at our website to find out more about printing products. Printing products such as: Printing Catalogues, Printing Flyers, Printing Business cards, Printing Stickers, Printing, T-shirts, Printing signs and many more. Printing Promotional gifts such as: promotional pens, promotional gift items, promotional mugs, promotional bags, corporate gifts and many more.

Does any MOQ or Minimum order quantity apply to the printing products?

Again, depending on your order a MOQ might be applied in some cases, and some not.

IT & Online services

Most Common Question form HMi

As in 2023, most of the business are online and in another side, a huge number of people are looking for their needs online.
So, why shall we not be online?or it’s better to say, why not togo from offline advertising & marketing to online Advertising & Marketing?
As the technology is developing and growing everyday, online services and online businesses are growing at the same time.
Thats why, we as HMi have decided to switch from local and offline advertising to online and public marketing.

Yes, Our Special and professional IT team, will help you to create website from simple 1 page websites to online shops and more.
Depending on your need, HMi IT & Online services offers high quality websites with and without content depending on your need.
Feel free to contact us, our sales team will be happy to help you out1

Its very hard to make a table with prices for Websites as it is usually based on clients needs. But we suggest you to visit IT & Online services category on our website to find out more.

This is a good question, As we have explained our company is made from 3 different parts.
a) Printing
b) Advertising & Marketing
c) IT & Online services
As IT & online services we offer many different services such as web-designing, Content writing, SEO, Online marketing, Search Engine Services, Google Ad, Social Media Ad Campaigns and many more.
Visit our IT & Online services category to find out more.

Usually we don’t deal with small projects, however our sister companies might be in-charge for that.
Please contact our support team, and we will help you to find the best department for your needs.

Its very hard to make a table with prices for Websites as it is usually based on clients needs. But we suggest you to visit IT & Online services category on our website to find out more.

You dont need to think about the size of your business.
Contact us, We will redirect you to the a department who takes care of your needs and your projects.
We are here to help businesses to grow in the best way possible.No matter what size, no matter how many employee, no matter how much is your sales, no matter what is your needs. We try our best to provide you the best services possible for a better tomorrow.

Its easy to say, Yes.
Online marketing makes your brand or business famous in all over the world without being in all over the world.
For example, you can see videos from a Chef on social media who is cooking in another corner of the world, however the Chef never meets you in personal or even never comes to your city and town. This is how online marketing and social media is effecting today our life.
Many products, many brands, many names have already started from online and then they went to a real shop and business.
Online marketing can effect your business in long time, but it can also make you famous in all over the world. However a local business without online marketing and advertising can not be even found in another city or country.

Depending on your service, your product, and your business, we prefer for every type of clients different solution.
However we always suggest to start with Organic advertising, for a longer time result, and for shorter time result ad campaigns.
Ad campaigns are good for businesses if you know where, when and how to run it.
Feel free to contact our sales team to get free consultation.


The fact of ranking your website on search engine, is the most important part of any online business.
If you rank up on search result, it means, your content, your website, your pictures, your brand and your whole system is working great.
In order to keep your online website being great, you need a daily, weekly, or monthly update.

HMI IT & Online services team will be proud to provide you free consultation to you.
Contact our sales team and get your appointment today.!

Search Engine Optimisation.

You might find a 100€ SEO company, who offers your fair price, however, experience shows ups with 100€ SEO projects, you might needs more than 25 years to get the great result.

SEO or search Engine optimisation, needs also a website analysis with daily updates to find our which part of website must be improved for better result on Search Engine.

Ranking on page 100, less or more on search Engine, might not bring you a single dollar of sales, revenue or orders.