Giveaways & Gift Items

Ads feel like selling something to you but,

Gifts feel like receiving and getting a good feeling!

Good to know,

Some real statistics and numbers about Promotional Gift items

• According to a survey, a full 92% of people surveyed use promotional products in their everyday lives. 

• Without even knowing you are using every day promotional gift items from other companies and promoting their name and brand.

• Researches shows us near to 85% of people who get promotional gift items printed with your logo, will remember you as advertiser more than others. (Based on ASI Central)

• Being loyal to your customers eyes is not only to contact them or asking if they need anything from you. Instead sending a present, gift item, promotional gifts printed with your logo will let them think of you with a positive thought.

• Ordering a promotional gift item printed with your logo is very important for organic marketing in offline side. However PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) believes in choosing the right product is the key of success in using Promotional gift items.

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Promotional gift items and giveaways have a positive effect on companies today doubts no one more, quite the opposite! .. Even small promotional gifts increase your awareness and have a positive and long-lasting advertising effect.
Unlike traditional advertising, which many consumers may even find annoying, promotional items have a practical and attractive value is customers eyes.

Promotional gift items is one of the best methods of offline advertising and marketing for growing a brand in organic way.
How much does effect your clients when offering them a free gift no matter if its a low budget product, or high range promotional gift item. The effect which you will give to the customer, can no advertising ad campaign gets you.
Useful Promotional gifts, are always gladly accepted by customers and also gives you a better result of classic advertising in many cases.
Imagine when you visit a perfume store and you want to decide between 4 Perfumes, and the sales staff offers you a free nice leather carry bag for one of the perfumes.
How much does this offer effect your decision?!

Promotoinal Gifts

& Giveaways

• Achieve a high number of clients with targeted and effective promotional items and giveaways ✓

• Get a long-term advertising effect with the right promotional items at the right time ✓

• Create sympathy for your company and brand ✓

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Order promotional gift items printed with your logo for your next event!

We as HMi Printing, proud to say we offer around 1 million different promotional gift items and giveaways from different brands and names.
Visit some of our catalogs and explore more about our products.

Giveaways & Gift Items in Germany

We print and deliver to you or your customer in Germany and all over the Europe.

What are Give Aways & Gift Items?

Give Aways and Gift Items are promotional items and free gifts, which are refined with a company logo. Giveaways and gift items can be any product, with any quality and cost, with only one main reason of marketing.

Why are promotional items so important?

Giveaways are a great and effective way to create a positive promotional impact for businesses and brands. Even with a small advertising budget, you can have personalized promotional gifts created and printed with your logo and name. We use a ball pen every day as regular product in the office. Promotional gifts are mostly everyday items, therefore these products are regularly in use, which leads to the consumer, customer or prospect seeing your company logo on the promotional gifts every day and keeping your company in mind. This makes promotional gift items so much important and special.

Can I order any promotional gift items printed with my logo as express or same night production?

Yes, We also offer printing and shipping as Express service for clients who might upcoming event and need fast processing order.
Contact our support team, they will take care of your needs.

What is the purpose behind promotional products and gift items?

Effective promotional gifts not only improve your customer loyalty, but leads to the awareness of your company, improves recognition and increases the recall value of your company. 

How much do I need budget to start ordering promotional gift items printed with my logo in Germany?

There is no minimum cost or any amount to set as a budget for promotional gift items. However we suggest you always, to give us a budget in order to be able offering you items and products printed below that amount.
You can order USB-Stick printed with your logo for your event or exhibition, starting from 2€.
Remember, promotional gifts printed with your logo are actually presenting your brand and company name. 

How long does it take to order, confirm, print and deliver promotional gift items printed with my logo in Germany?

We process very fast.
After choosing your promotional gift items,  confirming your order, it takes usually 2-4 days for production at HMi Printing.
However, if an Item is not available we might order to our mother company or sister companies in Dubai, Italy, Germany, or Poland. Which in that case, it might take longer because of shipping process. 
Depending on quantity, we print on any giveaways and promotional gift items in 1-2 days.

What is MOQ in promotional gift items?

Usually MOQ means minimum order quantity.
As every printing order, needs a special setup before printing, there will be always a setup charge for that. Thats why MOQ will help the suppliers to offer better prices of printed promotional gift items to clients.
Most of our Personalized Giveaways and promotional gift items are containing MOQ.

Order Giveaways printed with your logo!

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Printing promotional gift items with your logo is our top Inquired field of business. We have delivered over 72.000 orders in 2022 to Customers all over the world and reached the number of 1.2 million variety of items in 2023.
HMi Printing agency is a part of HMi agency which was founded in 2018 in Germany Bochum.

Giveaways printed with your logo are one of the best ideas for branding and marketing a small, startup, or professional brand in the market.
Big brands and names, never stop ordering and using promotional gift items as their top marketing strategies.
• You can start ordering promotional gift items printed with your logo, from 399,00€ only at HMi advertising agency

Order giveaways printed with your logo

2 important key elements to know about promotional gift items.
1- It’s never too late to start marketing and advertising for your brand by ordering promotional gift items.
2- Never say we don’t need advertising! always think about big brands such as MacDonalds, Pepsi, Amazon, and others.
They never stop advertising and marketing!

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