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Marketing Ideas and concept

How to use marketing strategy and marketing tools for your brand and name
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Let your brand to grow professionally
with HMi marketing team

We help your brand to improve and grow.
As shown in the following image, we create a complete plan, strategy, review, control sheets, weekly and monthly updates, and an entire Marketing Management system for big brands and companies.
The HMI concept and system are created on the basis of result, trust, quality, and service.
With us, you will get a special klick in results.
No matter how big the project is, no matter what product and what brand you are contacting from.
We know how to do the marketing for startups up to big brands from A-Z in with different strategies.

HMi Agency | Marketing Tools | Marketing Agency in Germany | HMi GmbH | hmigiftHMi Agency | Marketing Tools and products | Marketing Agency in Germany | HMi GmbH | hmigift

It is important to know how to do marketing. It’s not about only doing marketing or advertising.
Some big brands and companies, prefer to hire a team for everyday marketing, and some prefer to make contract with a professional advertising marketing agency to get a better result.
We as HMI AGENCY, accept all types of Marketing strategies, marketing Inquiries, and Marketing requirements, and we also offer different types of marketing services and advertising products in Germany and all over the world.


3 key elements for better marketing and advertising:

First: Know your product/ Service.
Make a team, and let your team create a complete story, profile, and presentation for your products/ services.
Second: Set a budget for your daily, weekly, and monthly marketing and advertising activities.
Third: to understand your brand place.
Where and how to advertise is much more important than advertising anywhere.

Our advertising & marketing Expert believes in keeping the balance in advertising strategy and plan. This means, knowing what is exactly advertising and marketing before you start an ad campaign on social media or search Engines.

Our Team

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Marketing Products

Promotional Gift items and corporate gifts are one of the best marketing tools for your company and brand.

Digital Marketing

One of the best marketing tools is Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketing means advertising and promoting online and online ad campaigns.
we have mentioned some of the Digital Marketing tools and types which we offer.

Digital Marketing is one of the main services and tools that we offer to customers and companies.
To create professional advertising and make a brand famous internationally, you need to create a strategy for Digital Marketing concepts.

Researches show us 3 main Digital Marketing services that can affect your brand within a few months:
A. Online advertising
B. Email Marketing
C. Content Marketing

HMi IT team offers online services and online marketing team is proud to say we offer the mentioned services and products no matter what is your condition and expectation.

Monthly SEO and page update help a lot in increasing your website ranking on search engine results. For this reason, we recommend to our clients to update content and write blogs for better results as a long-term online marketing strategy.

Create a Website

Let your customers to find you easier online. Making a professional website with great content and graphic design will help your brand to grow faster.

Being On Google

What's better than being on google maps (Google Business) for local customers? Let customers find you easier and attract more visitors.

Digital Marketing in Germany | Advertising & Marketing services in Germany | HMi Agency

Social Media

Being on Social Media Networks is a must in today's life. Brands are engaging more with fans and customers, and many more benefits.

Advertising Products

Printing your logo on a product and gifting it to a customer will help your brand to grow faster and make your customers remember you.

Marketing for Brands

What is more important for your brand than quality and results?
We as HMi Agency are proud to say, we are able to provide you both at the same time.
We have done +11.488 mini and complete projects for organizations, agencies, companies, brands, shops, and governments.
Due to the contract types, we are not able to share more information from our previous customers and projects.

A high-quality marketing will help your brand to get more sales and to be known more in your target areas as well.
Experience shows us that 1 professional marketing move or marketing product can affect your brand rather than 1000 unprofessional ads and marketing strategies.

We think Marketing has 3 stages in any situation.
1- Attracting step
2- Engaging step
3- Improvements

it’s easy to find out what does have more effect nowadays in the market. Anything which goes online and has Online activities.

Let us be your next marketing and advertising partner.
We have been ranking and indexing worldwide as #1 advertising & marketing agency in Germany.

Our Team

Giveaways | Gift items | Promotional Gift items | Corporate gifts | Swags

Promotional Gift Items

Use the benefits of printed giveaways with your logo, swags, and promotional gift items as your marketing tool for your brand.