Our Achievements

We have made our platform, our system and one by one of the elects with plan, and real effort!

We have made our platform, our system, and one by one of the elects with a plan, and real effort!
We are HMi Agency!
We don't think small, we don't move small.
But we started small, from scratch, and zero in 2018 in Germany.
We have made one of the most professional plans and systems to be able to serve clients internationally from United Arab Emirates, United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Qatar, Newzland, Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, and other countries.

Germany has one of the most powerful Economics and markets all over the world. Annually more than 7000 Exhibitions and trade fairs made Germany one of the first 3 countries leading as hosts for conferences and trade shows. Ranking #1 in Germany is not only really challenging for companies, but it is also an honor to get. www.hmigift.com has the honor to be placed #1 since 2022-2023 in search results for visitors.

Best Promotional gift items & Give aways Supplier in Germany HMi gift is ranked #1 in Germany
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Becoming the first leading advertising & Marketing agency in 2022 was never easy for us as HMi GmbH. We have worked day and night to achieve and get to this point. We have worked 24 hours 7 days a week, have made research online and offline and made sure to create everything based on customers' trust. We Believe becoming the best advertising & Marketing company in Germany was very hard, and keeping this title will be harder.

Best Advertising Company in Germany HMI Advertising & Marketing
Best advertising & Marketing agency from Germany | HMi Agency | Hmi GmbH

Keeping a stock of approximately 2 million different promotional gift items, and giveaways, in different colors, sizes, quality, and quantities need a lot of effort. We at HMi Advertising & Marketing agency are proud to say we have succeeded in Creating and controlling big warehouses in Europe, In Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands. We have also a warehouse in Dubai, along with a very big and professional production and printing facility to make sure we will be able to deliver all of your needs on time, with the best prices and quality possible. HMI Agency cares about you and your brand value!

Near to 2 million promotional Gift items ready to be printed and ship to you! HMI Advertising & Marketing
Best promotional gift items supplier in Germany | Best marketing agency from Germany | HMi agency | HMi GmbH

HMi GmbH

We have received near to 4200 Inquiries daily from all over the world.
This shows us how successfully have we created our plan and strategy.
HMI GmbH has been also awarded as Germany’s Top Marketing & Advertising Agency in Dec.2022.
We have made everything done with hard work and 5-star customer service.
We have served the biggest brands and names from all over the world which makes us one of the best and most successful advertising, marketing, printing, and IT agencies in Germany.

HMI GMBH Achievement
We are proud to say WE are HMI !

We will help you to achieve the best!

We have the result!
It’s much easier to trust an advertising and marketing agency that has the result than who only speaks and as a result, nothing can be done!
We have near to 34 years of experience in advertising and promotional gift items. In 2018 we started a new project in Germany and named it HMI GmbH, and we have achieved the best result possible online and on search engine results.
In 2022 we have launched our new project, HMI IT.
We have started providing online services, online marketing, content writing, Branding, online advertising, ad campaigns, and many more activities online to make sure that we can provide the best marketing solutions online and offline to our customers.

Trust, and expert!
Yes, if you mix Experience and Trust, you can come up to HMi Agency.
Choose us for your next project, and we make sure you get the best result possible for your project.

Start Your Project with us!

We never focus on selling or making a contract only with clients.
Instead, we always try to show you results, and give you the choice to choose us! Yes, we have the best advertising and marketing solutions online and offline.
No matter if you are starting a new project and looking for a company that can really make your brand famous online or if you are planning to order some advertising and promotional gift items.
For this reason, we have divided our Company into different parts, to be able to provide you with better services and make your job much easier!

• We serve customers from all over the world. •
so, no worries at all if you are contacting us from any country.
We have focused on International customers from the beginning of our establishment and we will keep our concept this way.
Depending on your project, depending on your requirements, we will offer you the best solutions and best ideas to get you the best result in most cases.

Trust the professionals instead of trusting only big names!

HMi Agency achievements in Germany | Best advertising company in Germany is HMi agency | HMi GmbH
We have served customers from Dubai | HMi advertising & Marketing agency based in Germany | HMi GmbH

We have served brands and companies from Dubai!

We have served many customers and brands from Dubai.
Being one of the best advertising agencies in Germany, and focusing on international customers has helped us to shine more for Internation companies.
We have created and designed our concept to be able for companies and brands to work with us, no matter if it’s for advertising products, giveaways, promotional gift items, or branding, online marketing and advertising campaigns.
We at HMi Agency look forward to serving more customers from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.
For this reason, we also have an office in Dubai, however, we prefer to be contacted online or with the German office, and for further process, we can arrange your project or order with our Dubai Office.

Dubai • United Arab Emirates

We serve daily customers from the United States!

We get daily hundreds of Inquiries from all over the world, especially from the United States and Canada.
We have delivered near to 1.4 million products to conferences and trade fair shows in Germany to clients who have traveled to Germany from the United States.
We have printed catalogs, pins, badges, promotional pens, notebooks, mugs, shirts, bags, USB sticks, and many other items and delivered them to events, exhibition halls, and conferences all over Germany.

Our concept and Idea was always to serve more Internationally than locally.
If you are looking for an advertising and corporate gift items supplier in Germany to print and deliver products to your exhibition or conference, the HMI agency is your solution.
Contact Our expert sales team, and they will help you with your needs.

HMi Agency 2023

We have served customers from USA | HMi advertising & Marketing agency based in Germany | HMi GmbH