Payment Policies

HMi Agency payment policies

HMi Agency activities are under HMi GmbH License

We have created Payment policies for our and client safety.

We have experienced and faced many different cases in our company. Therefor we have created some of our concerns about payments in this page to make sure, our clients and customers can always have access  to it in case of need.

International Orders

We get daily many International orders form different countries and cities around the world. Creating a complete and professional system online for all of our clients is a hard task to do. However we work day and night to improve our online payment systems and online shops.


Contracts are basically made due to a service for longer time. HMi Policies are made for professional business purposes, and not for anything else then that. By signing a Contract with HMi Agency or our system companies, you will become our partner for your project.

Claim & Cancellation

HMi does not accept claims and cancelations on contracts and orders done by customers. As we offer only customized products and printing on demand items, we can not accept any claims for order cancelation after order confirmation.

Contracts and Payment Policies

'' Payment Policies ''

We as HMi Agency accept different payments, such as online payments, credit payments, olinvoice payments, Paypal Payements and cash payment for our services and orders.

HMi Agency activities are under HMi GmbH License in Germny. All of invoices issued by HMi Agency are under HMi GmbH License.

P1) Due to high inquiries different payments can be done with only our accounting confirmation.

P2) For Paypal payments we will charge our customers with 10% per extra fees as transfer and bank fees on total invoice amount.

P3) New customers and new clients must pay In-Advance for their forst 3 orders.

P4) We only process orders after payment confirmation or payment proof of an invoice.

P5) Payments confirmation and Payment update can take upto 2-4 working after payments are done, depending on payment methods and banks.

P6) As we mostly provide custom products and custom services, we as HMi Agency / HMi GmbH dont accept refunds or order cancellation. For any claims contact our support team or read our return policies.

P7) Original Invoices will be send to the clients digitally or per post after the payment is done.

P8) We check one by one all the payments and invoices, if any mistakes are apeared in our system or online shops, kindly contact our support team.

P9) HMi Agency accept installment payments with only contracts. Installments are made mostly for monthly services per contract for longer periods.
We offer 12/24/48/60 months contracts depending on services and projects to our clients.

P10) Prices of producs and services might be different in invoices and online, due to cost of day and inflation. For changes, contact our sales team and ask for different options if available.

P11) After signing a contract, we accept 14 days only for changes or contract cancellation in most of cases.
In some case, which we start your project immediately after signing contract, we dont accept any claims or cancellation.

P12) HMi Agency provide services according the contract and on time payement.
If any client doesn’t attent to the exact date of payment, HMi Agency has the right to stop providing the services unless the payment is clear.

P13) Installment Payments can be delayed from clients only 14 days. If any payment takes longer than 14 days, an additional cost of 3-5% will be added on the invoice total amount as process cost.
a1. Minimum process cost is: 25,00€
a2. For invoices over 1000,00€: 3-5%

P14) The client must check before making payment, their Performa Invoice (if recieved) and all the information mentioned. If any changes apears after confirming your order, kindly contact our support team.
Please note, In many case we dont accept changes after confirming an order, because your order might be already in process in our warehouse.

P15) International clients, outside the EU can also get Tax Free invoices if is necessary, by providing their Tax Number and our accounting confirmation.
a1. For Express orders, or fast process projects we might not be able to issue such Invoices.
a2. First time customers might not be accepted to get Tax Free invoices.
-For more Info contact our support team.

P16) We will charge our clients for any samples or extra requirements in orders,
Promotional products:
such as repack, sample of printing, special color for printing, printing special logos and etc.
Printing products:
Such as fold, staple, punch, filing and etc.