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We print promotional gift item sin Germany | HMI Agency offers printing products in Germany

We print your logo on promotional gift items in different qualities and quantities.
We offer different Printing technologies, and in addition, we also print within 24/48 hours only depending on the Item.

We Developed our Printing facilities in 2023 to make sure we achieve the best printing quality and best printing results.

365 days printing
We print 7 days 24 hours a to make sure last-minute job orders and print orders will be delivered on time to our customers.
We provide Express Printing options, Ultra Express Printing options, Same day printing options, and same-time printing options to our customers.

To get more info, contact us and we will take care of the rest.

Print promotional Gift items in Germany | Advertising products in Germany | HMi GmbH

Order Giveaways printed with your logo

Printing swags and promotional products for conferences and exhibitions in Germany. We have giveaways and products of different quality, with different brands, colors, and packaging. We also offer customized promotional gift items to our customers. Products such as key chains, keyrings, name badges, pens, notebooks, writing blocks, and many others products.
Printing promotional Gift itesm with logo in Germany
HMi Agency is a company you can trust for advertising and marketing products.We have made a concept, to make sure you can plan your event, conference, or even enter a fair trade show easier than before.We print on your demand, we deliver to you or your clients in Germany. HMi’s Concept was to create an agency in Germany for every company and brand from all over the world to be able to solve their marketing and advertising problems.Search on Google, You can find many advertising & marketing agencies near to you, but who can really provide you with the best marketing services and the best advertising products in meantime? We are proud to say we have had perfect Experience in promotional gift items and printed giveaways in the last 34 years.

Promotional Gift items with Logo

+3 Millions different promotional gift items printable with logo in Germany.

Promotional Gift items supplier in Germany | Order gift items in Germany to HMi | HMi offers best promotional gift items in Germany

Promotional Drinkwares

We offer over 3 million different promotional gift items. Promotional Drinkwares is one of our top seller categories with over 500 different varieties and products.
Button Badge in Germany | Print your own Button badge in Germany to HMI | Promotional Badge in Germany | Button Badge in Germany with fast shipping | Button badge with custom logo in Germany

Custom Button Badges

We print button badges in different sizes, with different materials, with different options. Button badges with magnets, pins, and stackable are available in hmi ad website.
Paper bag in Germany | Print logo on paper bag in Germany | Promotional paper bag in Germany | Printable paper bag in Germany |

Printable Paper Bags

We offer shopping bags, paper bags, plastic bags, cotton bags, jute bags and many different printable bags with different printing methods and fast shipping in Germany.

Contact us and place your order today with HMi

We offer different promotional gift items with different printing options at HMi. If you are looking to order promotional gift items printed with logo in Germany, contact us and get a free consultation from us. 
We offer different types of contact methods, you can contact us per mail, phone or what's app.
Our sales team will provide you a free consultation 7 days a week.

Some Information for you!

We have added some of the questions that most of our clients use to ask us in this part. It might be a good help for you.
read and explore more about promotional Gift items and advertising products in Germany.

Depending on the quantity, the selected product, 12-24 hours after payment confirmation.
Contact our sales office, and ask for Same time production. Usually, we offer the Same time Production to our customers with extra fees.
*Use the Emergency Phone number if needed*

Again, depending on quantity, order, product, printing method, and order time.
We usually charge +100% for same-time production, however, if your order comes a late time, it might contain more cost.
We offer nearly 2 million advertising and printing products, so it's not easy to just make a fixed price for same-time production.
For that reason, we highly recommend you contact our sales office by phone or email, to get a free consultation and the best offer possible.

Yes, you can.
Either Email or use our Emergency Phone number to contact us.
We also have made a whats App business account to make sure that contacting us will be much easier for our customers from all over the world.

Definitely yes.
We have our own Printing facility and production department in-house.
Which makes us one of the best advertising, marketing, and printing companies in Germany.
We offer promotional gift items and giveaways printed and unprinted with logos and names.

In some cases yes, and in some cases no.
We have 12 stores and 25 warehouses in Germany.
Depending on your order we will print your order in one of our printing and production warehouses in Germany.
If your order will be printed in Bochum, yes.
You will be able and allowed to collect your order by yourself at our Bochum office.

You can send your printing files to us by mail, or contact us and we will provide you a link where you can upload your printing files or Logo.
Please try to upload your files as PDF, vector, or eps preferred.
For other types of printing files, make sure to contact our sales team before sending your files.

Yes, We have many different websites.
The newest online shop with called and you can visit the website to see some our products and services.
However, you can see the newest websites, news, updates on home page if you scroll down.

Let your brand look professional with branding!

If you are looking for the best marketing strategies of last few years, you will find Branding and advertising are the most popular methods in all over the world.
One of the best methods to do a professional branding, is to promote your brand and try to give a nice value to your business and name.
Promotional Gift items printed with your logo is a great way to promote your brand, and one of the best marketing strategies is to use promotional gift items to make your clients remembering your business.

Why not having a promotional gift pack printed with your logo?
Its a great idea, its an eye catching objective, and it attracts more clients to your business.

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