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Print T-shirts with your logo and design!

We offer Printing T-shirt services in Germany with different printing methods!

Print your logo on T-shirt

Make your brand and business look more professional by printing your logo on your shirts. No matter how, and what type of shirts, printing your logo on uniforms and shirts can help your brand to look special in to your clients eyes.

Choose your own design, your own T-shirt colour, and your own brand. We print your logo on Polo shirts and T-shirts using Direct printing method, digital printing, screen printing, pad printing, white toner printing, sublimation printing and other printing methods.

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Look at the big brands!

Printing shirts in Germany.
There has been always many inquiries and requests for printing on garments and clothes in Germany. Printing on garments can improve your marketing strategies and help your brand to grow more faster.Look closely what big brands do for presenting their brand and their business. Presenting more professionally you´ur brand means giving more value to your name, product or services.

Printing Shirts from 4,99€ only!

Order your own T-shirts to HMi GmbH on www.hmi-ad.com and enjoy our special offer for 100 shirts including 1 colour printing for only 499,90 € with 1 day delivery in Germany.
Its not about being cheap or selling cheap materials, we offer special offers for some of our products to convince clients to come to HMI and start doing business with us! How to attract clients from all over the world to HMi was our vision since 2018 in Germany.

Print Logo on Polo shirts for 8,99 €

Print logo and pictures on Polo shirts with different brands and qualities.
We offer you 100 pieces of Polo shirts print with logo or your design, starting from 899,00 € with 1 day delivery only.
We know well what to offer, how to print and how to ship within 1 day.
We have stock over 200.000 Shirts, Polo Shirts and other clothes ready to be print with your logo in Germany at HMi.

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Print logo on T-shirt

How much would you pay to print your logo on a nice and soft T-shirt in any size and colour?

We print your own design, logo or photo, with the best printing methods. We dont try to be the cheapest T-shirt Printing company, instead we try to be the best T-shirt Printing company. We offer T-shirts from different brands and names, with different qualities, textures and materials.

Depending on your usage, you might choose different brand and different printing method for printing on your T-shirt. If you are in hurry, your have to choose digital Printing, if you have more time you may consider screen printing methods to get better prices.
Screen Printing is one of the best and cheapest printing methods for textiles, which it makes sense only if you have a larger quantity order, and for small orders it’s not suggested.

Printing Logo on T-shirts, on Jackets, on Polo Shirts, on Sweatshirts, on dresses or any other textiles. We offer all type of textiles and printing methods for textiles to make sure you will get all of your needs from one professional hand.
Its not only about printing, we also offer designing your uniforms, T-shirts, clothings with your brand coloors, concept and logo. We know well how to combine art with marketing and get a top result instead.

Printing on T-shirts for events | Print your company name and logo on T-shirts with HMi GmbH | Print your Logo on T-shirts in Germany with best prices with HMI GmbH
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Print T-Shirts in Same day with HMi!

Why would you look further for another printing company to order your T-shirts?
We as HMI Agency along with our printing division HMi Printing company will make sure to offer you the fastest printing services possible specially in Germany.

How to order your own T-shirt or polo shirt to HMI?
With few simple steps, you can order, make payment and send your design to us.

1• Send us Inquiry
2• Call us or send us Message on What’s App
3• Get an offer
4• Accept the offer and confirm your order
5• Make payment
6• Get payment confirmation notification from us
7• Send your design
8• Get a digital version and art work of your product
9• Confirm your Artwork
10• We print your order and deliver you

We accept your orders per what’s app and phone as well. for last minute orders we suggest you to call our sales team directly or send a message on what’s app.

T-shirt & Polo Shirt Print

Printing on Light Fabric, Light colour textiles and clothes • Incl. Shirts

T-shirt & Polo Shirt Print

Printing on Light Fabric, Light colour textiles and clothes • Excl. Shirts

Get special offers!

Are you looking for a company to order a large quantity of Shirts, T-shirts, Polo shirts or any clothings for your company?

We will offer you special prices and services to make sure you get  the best products with fair prices and high quality printing from us!

Order T-shirts printed with logo from 4,99 € only for large quantity. 

Contact us now, and we take care the rest.

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