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We print on paper and promotional gift items!

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Printing Star

Printing will give you the option of bringing your ideas to life! No matter what you have created on a computer as your design, advertising, or artwork, with printing you can present it to a bigger public in different places and situations.

One Reason for printing

Printing gives you the ability to larger advertising and presenting chances. You might be able to present some of your advertising digitally, but not all the time. Digital ads, and digital promotions, can cost you much more than Printed ones.

Printing is a must!

Advertising and marketing agencies know well the importance of printing in economics. Imagine highways without any ads, imagine cinemas without movie posters, imagine exhibitions and trade shows without any printing!

Do you have a printing job? Or looking for a printing company in Germany?

We are a professional Award winner Printing agency in Germany based in Bochum with a sales office in Düsseldorf. – • No Matter when is your event and what is your order, HMi Printing company will create your printing file with the best prices and
a 24 x 7 days a week support team and operation timing! • –

HMi Printing Agency since 1989

We offer Printing services in Germany,

Printing Services

Printing Services and printing products are always one of the most important industries in every country. No matter where you travel, no matter how digital is getting the world, Printing will keep being important in a part of our life routine. Airports, Highways, exhibitions, events, concerts, Festivals, Clubs, Partys, Restaurants and many more.
Having a professional printing agency as your partner, will help you to get always what you want from a secure and professional hand. HMi Agency is proud to say we serve clients from all over the world, with both small and big orders.
HMi Agency is made from different parts and different names to fulfil the needs in market.  We have our own Printing and production lines in Germany. We print most of the products by our own printing factory, and some of them by our Mother company or our sister companies in Italy, and in Germany.

Printing? We always have a solution for that!

Offset Printing

Great idea and cost-saving fro large quantity orders and printing jobs.

Digital Printing

For fast and express orders, different sizes, small quantities, and last-minute jobs.

Laser Printing

Fast, clean, special, modern printing technology. Available for special printing job orders.


We print as CMYK as standards. However we also have 12 colors Printer | 8 colors Printer | 6 color Printers and white toner printer.

Printing format

No matter what printing format you have, we accept most of them, and in case of any changes, our graphic designer team will do that.

Changes or Revisions

You need any changes, our professional graphic designer team are available in our office to help you with your changes.

Print & deliver to you

W print and deliver to you, your event, your client, or your exhibition. Depending on your order and your selected printing product, your delivery time and shipping company might be different.

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Printing Services with HMi Printing Agency

Printing since 1989

HMi Printing agency offers near to 322 different printing services to clients in Germany & Europe.
We have in-house production,
and in-house printing factory, with same-day printing facilities.
We design and print your catalogs,
Brochures, presentations, seminar flyers, or any other printing products.
 No matter what size is your order, We serve daily over 620 printing orders for customers, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, fair trade shows, and events.

Do you have a conference in Germany? Event or a fair trade show?

We offer near to 1.2 million printing products to our customers with 24 hours a day in 7 days a week order operation with 1 day printing time only!