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We care about your privacy and for that reason, some of our client's names and logos might not be shown on this page as our customers demand.

Customers Privacy

We never share information from any of our orders with other visitors, customers, or the public for any reason.


We Respect brands' and companies' regulations, and if they contact us for any kind of more privacy, we highly accept and respect their needs.

HMi Agency known as has the most powerful advertising, marketing, printing, and IT solutions, with ranking and indexing as No. 1 in Germany.

We serve clients Internationally…! HMi Agency

HMi Agency • HMi GmbH

Some of Our Clients

We are proud to say we have done projects for many companies, names, brands, startups, Restaurants, etc.
We have mentioned some of our clients on this page, and we will update our references monthly.

Real estate
Syniti Logo | Print your promotional gift items in Germany to HMI Advertising Agency | HMi GmbH
IT & Online Services
Schauspielhaus Bochum Logo | Print your logo on advertising gift items in Germany at HMi
Vesco Services GmbH Düsseldorf | Print your advertising and giveaways in Düsseldorf at HMi Advertising Agency | HMi GmbH
Cleaning & Services
roomvo Logo | Advertising gift items printed with logo in Germany by HMi Advertising agency | HMi GmbH
Visualizer App
As-Bau GmbH Bochum | Print large format at HMi printing agency in Germany | HMi GmbH
construction company
GB Tec Bochum | Print large format and order printing products in Germany at HMi
Software Consulting AG
Leap tools logo | Printing giveaways with your logo with best price in Germany by Hmi advertising Agency
IT Agency
Tools & Machinery
Farrexpo Logo | Print promotional gift items with best prices in Germany by HMI agency | HMI GmbH


3rd largest iron ore Company
Süsswaren Outlet | print your logo or brand on giveaways in Germany with HMi Agency | HMi GmbH
Candy Outlet
Chips Brand
inkitt logo | print advertising gift items in Germany by HMI Agency in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH
world's 1st reader publisher
Unicom Marketing agency Logo | Promotional gift items supplier in Germany_hmi-agency_ | HMi GmbH
Marketing Agency
Whatfix Logo | Corporate gift items printed with logo in Germany by HMI Agency | HMi GmbH
IT & Software
IT & Software
Virtek Logo | Promotional gift items printed with logo in Germany | HMi GmbH_HMi-Agency
Laser Solution
MAT Consulting gbr | Advertising & marketing agency in Germany | HMi GmbH | bets printing agency in Düsseldorf
IT Company
Jacobs LLC Logo | Advertising & Printing agency in Dortmund | Promotional gift items suupplier in Germany | HMi GmbH
technical professional services
Borgböhmer's Waldesruh Bochum | Advertising company in Bochum | Hmi GmbH Bochum
5-Star Restaurant in BO.
Pott fritts Logo | Advertising & Marketing agency in Bochum | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency
Fries Concept Franchise
Get Impressed Logo | Best advertising & marketing company in Germany based in Düsseldorf | HMi Agency | HMi GmbH
Italian Import & Export Co.
Chuzo Cocept Dortmund | Printing agency in Bochum | Advertising company in Dortm uund | HMi GmbH
Chuzo Concept Franchize
Ruhr Uni Bochum Logo 2| Advertising agency | Printing & marketing company in Bochum | HMi GmbH
University of BO.
Autosped Logo | Promotional gift itmes printed with your logo in germany with HMi GmbH | HMI AGENCY
Transport & Logistic
FLY HIGH DUBAI LOGO | Advertising & marketing Agency in Germany for Dubai | Best marketing company in Germany | HMI Agency


Vallourec Middle East FZE Logo | Advertising & Marketing Agency in Germany | Promotional gift items Supplier in Dubai | HMI Agency
Oil & Gas • Dubai


Comming Soon
Public Transport
Bäckerei Kligenstein GmbH logo | Advertising & Printing company in Bochuum | HMi Agency | HMi GmbH
Bakery & Confectionery
largest privately held US
Bryck Essen | Advertising & Marketing agency in Germany | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency
hub & future factory
Jacob INC Logo | Advertising & Marketing Agency in Germany | HMi GmbH | HMI Agency
Networking Concepts
Mandat Managementberatung Dortmund Logo | Advertising & Printing agency in Germany | HMi GmbH | HMi Agency
MANAGEMENT Consultation
Heavy Saurus Logo | Advertising agency in Germany | Printing company in Bochum | marketing Bochum | HMi GmbH

Heavy Saurus

German Metal ROCK BAND

We have served many Brands & Names!

HMi Agency and our sister companies have the honor to say we have served many big names worldwide however, we are not able to share all the details and company names with the public due to the contracts we have.
But the point is, why do Big names and brands trust us and corporate with HMi Agency or our sister companies?
We believe we have 3 key elements for that.


We have made as revisions and changes as many as our customers wanted and asked for. We have delivered what they have confirmed and not what we have created.


Combining new artwork, graphics, designs, content, pictures, fonts, and new ideas will give you a great result. We have delivered always combinations to our customers!


It's not about quality, products, prices, or any other elements. Sometimes Ideas will work for you. Imagine, how boring will be the world without any marketing and advertising ideas.

HMi Reference & Profile terms A

R01• We might have served any of the clients, customers, brands, and companies we have mentioned indirectly.
R02• We might have printed or made a project for a company that they have ordered from another company and we have become the job order.
R03• We might have served as another name or brand for any of the mentioned companies, brands, and names.
R04• We have mentioned only the brands and names which we have done really a project for them.
R05• We have made many different projects for startups and small brands, and we might use their logo in the future as our reference if we need to.
R06• We are not using any of the company’s names, brands, or logos that we have mentioned on this page as commercial or as our own advertising.
R06• It has been a pleasure for us to serve big names and brands, and we have used this benefit to create our company profile only and nothing else than that.
R07• If your company’s Logo, your companies name is mentioned as our reference and you don’t like your name or logo to be mentioned, please contact our support team, and we will take care of your need.
R08• HMI Agency activities are under HMi GmbH registered in Bochum since 2018, with near to 55 sister companies and partners. We might have served your brand through another part of our company.R09• We have linked every Logo to the main home page URL to make sure all the rights stay respected and controlled.
R10• If you would like to add your Logo to our reference and profile, it will be our pleasure to do so. Please contact our support team and send us an Email or by filling up the contact form.

HMi Reference & Profile terms B

R11• We have created our company profile for the public to show the quality of our job and products. We highly respect you and every single visitor who visits our website for knowing HMi Advertising & Marketing agency better.
R12• HMi Agency has partners in Italy, UAE(Dubai), Spain, and the United States.
R13• We never provide any of our projects and orders in detail with our visitors and in public for privacy purposes.
R14• HMi Agency is an updated version of our company names and concept, created in 2023.
R15• HMi Agency was Established in 2018 in Bochum and our mother company was established in 1989 in Dubai.
R16• We never disrespect any of our client’s terms and conditions, rules, and privacies.
If you have got the feeling for such activity by us, we look forward to hearing from you for improving.
R17• HMi Agency has provided 6 years of clean, perfect, nice, and great services to clients from all around the world. We never do anything against any of our partners and customers to damage their image under any condition.
R18• HMi GmbH was created on trust, customized and personalized services, and products from the beginning for a better tomorrow and nothing else than that.
R19• We as HMi Agency, have created an online platform, and online system to make your job easier and to help you to find us better. We have seen many different plans and concepts to reach this point and to be able to provide you 5-star customer service and products.
R20• For any changes, recommendations, suggestions, updates, bugs, any wrong links, or even any other point, feel free to contact us directly before any law regulations, or activities. We might be able to help you or to make changes rather than other things.