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• – Few key elements for getting better results with SEO – •

SEO in Düsseldorf

HMI IT is an expert SEO Agency based in Germany and provides services in every corner of Germany specially Düsseldorf.

We never stop testing and developing our online system.
We make sure to update our online strategy and online system for providing better online services to our international customers. 

• SEO in Düsseldorf
We have made many projects for our German clients. We have served many big brands in Düsseldorf with our SEO experts, and also we run many campaigns in the meantime for different agencies.
It’s not only about your competitor’s activities, it also depends on your online presentation and ranking on Search Engine.

Search Engine Optimization and search engine advertising are not the same and they will get different results in most cases.
Search Engine Optimization needs a continuous job and content creation, however Search Engine advertising, is based on a budget and timeline.
By choosing a budget as daily and monthly budget, we can start creating a complete advertising and ad campaign plan depending on your keywords and topic.
Experience shows us that SEO means organic marketing and online advertising, while Search Engine advertising means paid advertising

SEO facts for improving Search Engine ranking

We all know the value of ranking on a search engine, and of course, we all know how hard is to rank on Google’s first page. We have gathered some facts for you to help you to improve your Search engine ranking.

We mostly talk about Google, while google has approx. 85% of the search engine market said

Fact 01

Being on the first search result page can get you up to 70% of all the clicks searching for your search term.

Say's Up Inc

Fact 02

Research shows that the #1 Result in Google or other search engines gets near to 30% of all clicks

Say's Backlinko

Fact 03

SEO can reduce the cost of advertising up to 50% in as long-term plan, and can affect your business up to 400%.

Say's HMi

Fact 04

Only 63% of google searchers click on a search result from the second page. Which shows the value of being on the #1 page.

Say's Backlinko

Fact 05

More than 55% of search queries and search terms and longer than 3 words. Which shows how important long-tail keywords are.

Say's Moz

Fact 06

Near to 10% of search terms contain When, Why, How, What, Where, and Who. This means 8% of the search queries are as a question.

Say's Moz

Fact 07

You need to post weekly Blogs to make more awareness for your potential customers, ''which databox'' believes in weekly 3-4 blogs.

Say's Databox

Fact 08

Google says that near to 55% of their online shoppers have been convinced to purchase more with images than without.

Say's Google

Fact 09

Near 82% of consumers search for a product on the search engine (Google) before deciding whether to buy it or not.

Say's Saleslion



SEO & SEM both will have a few benefits for your website.
Brings you more traffic
More customer awareness
Increase the chance of sales
They both can decrease your marketing cost if done in the right way
Improve CTR Quality

As Search Engine Marketing, it is important always to keep in mind that you will be at the top of the search result as long as your budget can afford it.
We always suggest to our clients to make sure about the Ad campaign budget before they start Search Engine Marketing. Getting a great result in Search Engine Marketing might need continuous investing. Some start-up businesses might not afford to do it. In fact, SEO might take a longer time to get a result and companies need to get more revenue to live, otherwise, they will put their brand at risk of loss.

HMI IT tips for better SEO

Read and explore more about Search Engine Optimization in Germany.
HMi IT is a German IT Agency that provides services to Companies and brands from all over the world.

For getting better search engine rankings and optimizing hour website, you must avoid doing many things and on the other side, you have to create pure and organic content.

The next important key to get better ranking on search engines, is to make your website user friendly. Customers might browse your website with smart phones, tablets, laptop or pc. Your website must be designed and created as mobile friendly for this reason.

Like every thing else, SEO needs professional trained specialists. You might be able to create a SEO friendly website, but SEO needs a long term and continuously process and work for the best result.

Large quantity of right content, with right and more links can help your website to rank up in search engine faster and higher.
Using a high variety of keywords and information is one of the best ways to get organic search result higher ranking.
It’s necessary to remember not to copy any content from other sites without mentioning the source of the content.

Using Title tags, H1 Heads, And page description, are other key elements for a great SEO.
Updating an existing title tag, can increase your website clicks up to 437% according to Safari Digital.
Title tags can be found basically on browser title bars which it helps to improve search engine results pages (known as SERP).
Its much easier for a reader to find the right topic when they are searching for with Titles tag as well.


We test all of our SEO & SEM Project once its running each 30 days for improvement and creating a better Quality Score.
A Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages said HubSpot.

  • Organic search results
  • Content marketing
  • Visitors & activities track
  • Optimizing Locally
  • Get more real Traffic
  • Gets trust
  • High quality content
  • Low image size
  • Creating front links
  • Creating Back-links
  • Fixing errors & Bugs
  • Slower but real growth
  • Placing Advertisement
  • Pay more, get more
  • Make more with correct setup
  • Fast result
  • Short term Sales
  • Ad Management system
  • More traffic
  • More sales with PPC
  • Stay on Marketing Budget
  • Ideal for E-commerce
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SEO Packages and Services

We offer Our SEO packages depending on your needs and hours of work.
Contact our IT Specialists to get a free consultation.

Business SEO Package

1299 Mo.

Strater Package for 30 days with a minimum of 6 months contract + Setting up SEO List with +20 SEO Entry

Professional SEO Pack.

2499 Mo.

• Up to 300 Keywords • Analytics result • 8 Pages content update • Market Analysis with +20 pages SP.

Gold Plus SEO Package

3999 Mo.

Special Professional Package for SEO as 12 -24 months contract | up to 400 Keywords | 130 Task Proj.

Premium SEO Package

6999 Mo.

Start Package + complete pack of SEO for 30 days + updating panel of 30 days activity + 210 Task Proj.

How to check if you are indexed in Google search result?

Easily enter, then Search your website and add at the beginning ”site:” to your search term as shown in image 01, and then click search.

You might get 2 types of results as shown in the following images. (Image 01 & Image 02)

Image 01

Image 02

3 reasons why you must do SEO

1- Ranking up on Search Engine Result.

2- Getting organic results for your website, content or brand.

3- Getting trust

” HMi Agency ”

How SEO effects businesses online?

SEO is the shortcut of Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing your website or a certain page to rank higher on search results. Ranking on the first page of a search result will lead and bring you more trafic which the result will be more sales and more revenue.

Online businesses knows well the value of being on the first search result.

For this reason, some of them do SEO for better ranking, and some of them use ad campaigns for faster results.

Google is the most visited website in the world, so ranking on the most visited website in the world can make your brand more visible and shine out in your market.

How to know if your website is indexing on Google or not?

To check and know if your website is indexing on Google or other search engines, easily search your website on the search box and if you see any results with your website URL, means your website is indexing on Search Engines, and if not, means your website is not Indexing by Search Engine.

It is very important to create a professional sitemap. Sitemap can show the complete structure of your menu, pages, and all the contents of your website on a single page.

How does a search engine work or how does a search engine search for your search term?

It’s easier to explain how does search engine works with an example.
I type in my search, a question, or any search term.
Then search engine searches for the searched term or keywords mentioned in the search and finds millions of results.
Then it starts asking questions from your page or website.
Questions such as:
1- How many times is the keyword mentioned on the page?
2- What type of content is on the page?
3- Is it only pictures, text, or maybe videos, or all of them?
4- is your content copied or taken from another website?
5- How easy is it to open your website or page on different devices?
6- What about URL? Does the keyword contained in the URL?
7- How many taglines, how many headlines, and how much important information are you mentioning on your page?
8- What score does the page get with all the elements? 
9- How many right and high-quality links are used on the page searched?
and many more questions.
Many different factors and elements must be controlled together to make a page’s overall score on search engines better and rank higher on search engine results.

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CostofCPCin SEMisapprox. 10 timesmore than CPC as Organic SEO

A simple definition of SEO & SEM from HMi IT & HMi Agency