Shipping & Delivery

We print & Deliver

HMI Agency offers near to 2 million printing products and promotional gift items in Germany to end customers, companies, brands, shops, businesses, exhibitions, fair trade shows, events, universities, and colleges, organizations, and offices.

HMI Shipping and delivery department

We ship and deliver with best logistic companies.

UPS Logo as shipping services for HMI Advertising company in Germany | HMI Marketing & Advertising Agency | HMi Agency | print and deliver in germany


Express Orders & High-value orders
TNT Logo as Shipping service for HMi agency Bochum | HMi GmbH Bochum | We print and deliver your orders in Germany for free | Marketing products in Germany

TNT • FedEx brand

International Orders
LLM Privat Logistic Co | Shipping and delivery service in Germany with HMI Agency | HMI GmbH | HMI Agency prints and deliver your orders to you

Special Shipping Agency, LLM

Replaced and Claimed Orders
dpd Logo as shipping service for HMi Agency | HMi Agency is a printing company in Germany offers free delivery


Standard Orders | Express orders
DHL Logo as Shipping company for HMI gmbH | HMi Agency | HMi is a marketing & advertising agency in Germany | HMI GmbH Bochum


Depending on orders | most of the shippings


Big and special Orders

We print your products and promotional gifts, and deliver to you!

HMI Agency has been in the market for over 34 years in the middle east and created a completely new brand and named it HMi Gift/ HMI GmbH in Germany in 2018.
We are glad to say we have served thousands of customers every year from all over the world, and also we have served very big names and brands with big orders.

We offer shipping and delivery services to our customers depending on the order value and on the order size.
We ship and deliver to you no matter what country are you in.
Depending on your order, we might print and deliver from our Factory in Dubai (UAE), or in Turin (Italy), or in Texas (U.S.), and to European countries from Germany.

S1. We as HMi don’t accept any claims as shipping damages.

S2. Shipping companies must be responsible for all the damages and orders lost of any job order.

S3. Depending on the orders, we have Insurance on all of the orders we deliver to the customers.

S4. Any delay because of the shipping companies cannot be claimed as a return or canceled order at HMI.

S5. If any updates, any changes appear on any order, Shipping companies might not be able to deliver the order on time.

S6. We offer different types of shipping and delivery options to our customers.
S6.1- Standard Shipping – 2-4 working days (as free shipping to customers in Germany )
S6.2- Express Shipping – 1-2 working days (as extra cost per order depending on weight, size, country
, and timing)
S6.3- Extra Express Shipping 1 Working Day (as extra cost per order depending on weight, size, country, and timing)
S6.4- HMi Delivery Service – Direct Shipping and delivery to customers (Extra cost Depending on orders and delivery address)

S7. The cost of printing, designing, setup, and Installation, is different than shipping. Shipping costs might be added extra to your Invoice.

S8. HMI Agency/ HMI GmbH is not responsible for any natural happening events or accident delays.
(Such as Earth quick, Sunami, etc.)

S9. For any special Delivery dates, timings, or holiday shipping services, extra charges might be up to 300% on your Invoice. (300% of Shipping cost)

S10. HMi direct delivery service cost will be a fixed amount, added plus an extra cost per KM to the destination.