Terms & Conditions

HMi Agency Terms

With the registered office in 44803 Bochum, NRW Markstrasse 120 provides services and possible additional services under the following conditions and general terms and conditions.

1. General
The following general terms and conditions are intended for use in business transactions with companies, private individuals and legal entities under public law and special funds under public law.
These general terms and conditions of business apply to all services or deliveries agreed between and and the contractual partner.

These general terms and conditions apply to all contracts concluded with Hai GmbH, unless otherwise agreed in writing or expressly agreed in writing as an integral part of the contract.

The binding acceptance of an order takes place via an order confirmation in text form (letter, email, fax).

2. Conclusion of contract
a) For our service an offer period of 7 days is valid, beginning with the offer date.

If an order is received by us, you will receive an order confirmation.
With the acceptance of this order confirmation, you can no longer withdraw from the business contract, since all our services, products and offers are individually adapted to our customers and made.

If necessary, you will receive samples, images or sketches by email, fax or letter so that you as our customer can get an idea of your product and confirm them for production.

b) Prices & terms of payment

Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing, payment in advance is valid with us. The full invoice amount is due immediately and must be received within 7 business days to the account specified by us.

Please note that for payments with Paypal a surcharge is calculated.

The sales tax is not included in our prices, this is shown in the invoice plus statutory.

If there is a delay in payment outside the specified period, it is possible that a surcharge for the products / service will be charged, as our offers and prices may change over time.

3. Delivery
Since our offers are individual and we do not sell untreated products we can not give a general delivery time and performance time.
Like our performance and our competent offers, our delivery times are also individual.

At the latest with the order confirmation we can give you a delivery time. Please note that our delivery times are measured on working days (Monday to Friday), with the exception of public holidays.
Agreed delivery dates begin from the date of full payment of your invoice amount.

4. Printing and data transfer ( printing )

The print data requested by you are to be transmitted in the file formats specified by us.
If your print file or file format differs from the formats offered by us, we can not guarantee error-free performance.
The customer is fully responsible for the correctness of these data even in case of file errors, the data are not readable.
Please take the time to check your print data for possible quality errors, correctness of the format and other possible errors before sharing, so that you receive a flawless print and final product.

5. Marketing, IT & Online Services
We help you to market your company, services and products.
We research with our team for the best marketing of your business.

We put our service agreements with our clients in writing in a contract. Please note that our contracts cannot be terminated early and that the deadline of the contract must be respected.
To avoid an automatic renewal of the contract you have to cancel the contract in written form with us one month before the deadline. Please note that we will not be responsible for the content and the extent of database entries, images and other content. The client is solely responsible for the content.

We provide our services from Monday to Friday during normal working hours.
It is possible outside of the aforementioned times to provide your wishes and services, for this we charge separate costs.
If you have received an offer from us regarding an order, a quotation or a service, please note that our offers are only valid for 10 days.

An important factor for the provision of your service is the cooperation of the customer, which means that you as our customer must provide the contractual services to a reasonable extent so that we can perform our services.
This means images, texts, content, audio, videos and other crucial content.

The customer agrees to the transfer of the order data to Google Ireland Ltd. and to an application of his data under the terms of use for advertising program Google Ireland Ltd.
The customer guarantees and is liable to the same extent that the templates, content and materials sent to us do not violate any copyrights, trademark rights or other rights.
Furthermore, the customer indemnifies us against first demands of third parties and undertakes to compensate us for any damage incurred by us due to infringement of third party rights.

6. Cancellation
Once the order confirmation is completed, cancellation is not possible at this time. This also applies to individual products / positions in your order.
Since our services and offers are individual, we can not accept any cancellation after the order confirmation.

7. Reservation of proprietary rights
The goods (products, online service, website, …) is our property until full payment of the price including VAT.

In case of breach of contract by the customer, in particular default of payment, we are entitled to demand the return of the goods subject to retention of title, provided that we have withdrawn from the contract.

8. Obligation to surrender
There is no obligation on our part to surrender intermediate products such as data, printing plates, files or other materials.

If logos, print files or other materials were made by us, you will receive only the desired end product. Files will not be issued, unless you have a written agreement.

9. Offers & representations, conclusion of contract
The representation of offers of products on our website serve only as an information purpose and as an example of our offers. These do not constitute a binding offer to conclude a contract.

Your order with us, on the other hand, represents a binding offer after the order confirmation.

Contractual contents between both parties are only in agreement in text form. All necessary contents will be sent to you as an order confirmation. If the order confirmation is not confirmed, the contents confirmed by us are not valid.

10. Order execution
We execute all orders on the basis of the print data supplied by the client.
The data must be provided to the contractor by the client accordingly in the specified formats.
We assume that you adhere to the specified requirements and we are therefore not obliged to check print data.
The risk of remaining errors after approval is borne by you alone.
You as the client are responsible for data backup.

11. Final clause
Deliveries are made to the delivery address specified by the client. If a subsequent change of the delivery address is desired, we ask you to inform us of this in writing in good time.

12. Data protection
Within the framework of the business relationship, we may process personal data of the client or such data of third parties in order to be able to completely fulfill the client’s order. Personal data, such as name, address, telephone number and bank details, we transmit only insofar as it is necessary, such as to the post office for shipping, to the bank or to a collection agency in case of default.
With the confirmation of the order confirmation the customer confirms this general business operation and also our data protection regulation and accepts the publication of his personal data for necessary realizations.

13 Liability and compensation
The Contractor shall be liable to you in case of breach of essential contractual obligations – these are obligations, the breach of which endangers the achievement of the purpose of the contract or the fulfillment of which enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on the compliance with which you may regularly rely.

14. Secrecy
The information and materials provided to the Contractor by the Customer for the performance of the services under this Agreement shall not be deemed confidential and shall not be required to be treated as confidential by the Contractor, unless the parties expressly agree otherwise in text form in an individual case.