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Web Design

WordPress is a professional open -source content management system (CMS) written and created with (PHP) Language.
WordPress can be used for online shops, blog websites, Portfolio websites and other type of projects.
WordPress was released on May 27 of 2003 by ” Matt Mullenweg ” and ” Mike Little ”.

Introducing one of the most powerful online content management systems, WordPress.
With WordPress your can have unlimited plugins, effects, colors, changing themes, designs to create your ideal website.


E commerce

E-Commerce is a shortcut of Electronic Commerce, which it means of buying and selling of goods, services and products online.



WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, for bigger online retails and online shops. With WooCommerce we can setup payment methods, subscriptions, bookings, memberships and more.


Blogs Portal

Blogs Portal or Blogs website, a great place to write unlimited information and text, edit the colors, theme, design, footer, header, but without selling any Item & services.
WordPress was created at the beginning for Blog purposes.



Creating a website to introduce a brand, or a product in a professional way. No matter what design or what expectations you have, WordPress is able to fulfil your ideas and needs.


Content Management System

One of our best Webdesign tools is WordPress. No matter with how much Budget you are looking for a website, WordPress can be your problems solution in online world.
We have used WordPress many times in different projects, small and big brands loved it when it comes to professionalism.
Are you Interested in a WordPress website?
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HMi IT Projects,

We have started HMi IT in 2018 in Germany, and developed our online services in a short time to achieve the best and modern systems for our clients.

Our 3 Keys for being a better Web Design Agency in Germany are:
We have approx. 94% satisfied clients world wide with our Web design services.
We have done many small and big projects according our client needs and inquiries.

85% of our Webdesign Projects are completed within the last update we have done. Some Projects are still under process and some have been canceled from the client side. We as HMi IT try our best to deliver projects with best quality possible instead of only delivery of a projects.
We always note that our name as a Webdesign agency or a website developer agency will be mentioned in projects, that's why we make sure to deliver a high quality result to our clients all over the world.

Yes, only 75% of our Webdesign Projects are successful, while some of our projects have faced problems with the owner of the project. Some calculations due to world wide economics was not profitable more in 2022-2023 for business owners.

We as HMi IT Team , make sure to plan everything for your project before starting due to your budget. We call this process


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Our experience,

Web Design & Development

In 2018 we have started our activity in Webdesign and online services.
First we have started a project for us, and used that as our experience to getting better for future. Creating and designing a website is not the hard part of a project, the most challenging part is to deliver a project with less Errors, Bugs, Mistakes, and ranking higher web controls.
HMi IT was made to not only offering online services, but to offer perfect services and to deliver great result websites and online projects.

HMi IT has served many clients over the world

Web Design can be done in many different ways and different methods,

HMi IT is one of the best Web Design Agencies in Germany

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Designers are mostly who draw their thoughts on a piece of paper, and start testing them to get the perfect decision for every part of a website.

Planing for every word and planning for every click on a website. To know exactly what your clients are looking for, and what the color combination must be on that part on the website, needs a professional web designer.
By saying professional Webdesigner, we mean a team who can gather all the information you want for your project, without making a part with no knowledge. HMi IT is very well experienced in this matter, gathering information, setting up all the process for your client to make sure they get the best experience with visiting your website.

We Design and Develop Websites

Owning a website without successful result, is some how the same with owning no website at all.
Creating websites are much easier than before, however creating a professional website, and having a great result from your project will never be easy for any company or any web designer.
We offer Website development, for those who have already started their website, and somehow they decide to change their concept to get better result.