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Web Development

HMi IT offers a world class, professional and expert Web development packages and services to companies, brands and agencies in Germany and around the world.
What is more important than keeping your E-commerce, online shop and website to be findable from all over the world with different languages, with different categories, in different ways for increasing the chance of sales.
Web development is the beginning of growing your project.

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Basic Web development

Develop your website, and online system by providing your plan and changes to us, and we will quote you and give a delivery time for that. We Develop your website depending on your source codes and the system you have used to create your website. Basic Development packages are mostly designed to help the start ups and small project owners. Concentrating less on long term elements and more working on daily part of the website gave us this opportunity to create the Basic web development package for our clients in Germany and specially Düsseldorf.

Prices Depending on Contract

Professional Web developement

One level further of online services to our clients. Professional web Development package in Düsseldorf contains more hours of active and online website developing team working on your project. Depending on the size of your website, We plan and create the best strategies to turn your visitors to paying customers on your E-commerce and website.

Prices Depending on Contract

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)

We offer AMC for clients who are thinking about growing not only for a short time, also in next few years. Owning a website, needs updating the content, needs checking and solving the errors and many more things. We have made AMC contacts starting from 24 months/ 48 months and 60 months for our clients to make sure they will be able to find the best matching contract for them.

Prices Depending on Contract

Payment Methods Plus

One of our most reliable web development packages is Payment method plus. We offer API, online payment systems, bank payment systems for small and professional online shops and websites. Payment gateways are one of the most important matters for E-commerce owners.

Depending on your selected ones

Frontend & Backend

We work on both, Frontend and Backend. Yes concentrate on both part, to make sure about all the happening elements and activities on your website.

We check and follow the processes on your website to find bugs and errors, try to find the best idea for solution, try it, and test it.
Experience showed us how successful can a be a project by creating it in the right way by experts. In the other hand, cheapest are not the best in our system.
We never try anything cheap, we try to compare all the reasons of every singe part of our project.

Web Development Solutions:
Plan A – Budget friendly Development Solutions
In Plan A, we think at the same time to find you solutions for your matters with less costs for you.
Which will help you to get what you want with less budget. Our expert IT Specialists have taken the IT development to next level for our customers, by creating and suggesting budget friendly solutions.
According to your needs, we will make a research and offer you an option if possible, in some cases we might not be able to offer our customers Plan A packages.

Plan B – Quality matters
in Plan B, we have created the most easiest with highest quality of IT solutions.
We offer Plan B mostly to the companies who are planing to grow and directly to big brands and names.
Its easy to compare the 2 plans, 
in Plane A, our goal is to help you to solve the issue or to find a solution for your concern, and in Plan B, we focus on quality and try to use the most professional ways to solve your concerns.


Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy to say, Contact us by Email or phone, or visit our sales offices, and our expert IT team will make an appointment with you and serve you.
We are looking forward to having you as our customer.

HMi IT, offers a complete pack of support.
No matter if you have knowledge or not, if you have any idea about Web development or not, HMi IT team will help you to find the best solutions for growing and developing as simple as cake.
We serve no-name and big brands from all over the world with different types of inquiries and services. Our IT experts are well trained to help you with your needs.

Depending on the size of your project and your needs, you might need a different budget.
We offer some Fix contracts and service packs for monthly services as 24 months, for example, to decrease your cost at 1 time.
Meanwhile, in some cases, contracts must have an extra budget as monthly costs in addition to the fixed contract amount.
Contact us, and our sales team will help you with your needs.

We say before you launch your project you must be aware of your development plans.
in a simple way, by creating and designing your website, you might face many problems or you might need many extra options on your website. Whatever you haven’t done, can be listed as a Development project.
Some other clients and companies, start Web Development to improve their websites and online experience for their customers.
And some, for more security.

HMI IT offers different types of services such as Website development. 
However, you might not be able to find any information about what you are looking for on our website.
Keep in mind, We are working day and night to update our content and websites for you, it might take a little longer, but we will add more information about exact software developments and other services more in detail.
For more info, contact our sales team, and we will be happy to help you with your needs.

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Data security,
We have developed security systems for us and our customers, by decreasing the chance of  being hacked and steeling data from servers.
We make sure all the websites who try to update their security systems, contain a valid SSL, and a valid data security strategies.

One of our best elements fo high security packages, is by adding a modified systems on the websites to control the visitors access, by making sure they are human or robots. We offer Security packages for E-commerce & overtype of websites.

We have decided security packages 4 different packages of Security Package A
Security Package B – Smart
Security Package Professional
Security Package Premium

Depending to the size of your project and website, our IT experts will offer you the best matching packages and solution to you.

Backup Solution,
One of the most reliable solutions for a high-security website is to have different versions of a backup of a website update.
A backup solution can help you to save different versions of the latest updates and last updates of your website with all the information, in case of need.

Backup, and keep it in a high-security platform, and saving in different versions of a website are our three elements for a successful backup plan.

Prevent Loss of Data
We offer 4 types of Backup services to our clients.
a. Full Back up of your website.
b. Part Backup
c. Information Backup
d. Content Backup

Data losses can happen at any moment of the day, not depending on any reason. There might be human Error, Robot attacks, System Bugs, or many other reasons. For us, having a Backup from all of our online data continuously, and keeping it secure is an essential task for every professional website and brand.

Web Development Project

Solving and redesigning your online system is a part of our Web Development services.

Discover Phase

Finding out your requirements, needs, target customers, and your main reason for the Project.

Gathering Information

For every project, our specialists will make research on your requirements before starting any activities.

Creating an offer & quote

We create an offer based on your project. It might be a complete offer for your project or time base project.

Getting Documents & Digital files

Send us your product images, your logo, photos, and information about your brand, company, and your goals.

Generating the system & plan

We create art works, we create everything digitally to present and check with you before we start the project.

Testing the complete system

Testing everything before going live, can help us to decrease the chance of technical errors, and bugs and increase security.