Our Story

HMi Agency,

Where we started & How we became HMi GmbH!

We have started from ”0” in 2018 for a better tomorrow.
HMi is grounded in Bochum to provided high-quality services and products to clients from all over the world.

We have started with ”0” customers and no experience in the Europe market. Experience in a Market can help you to create your business without mistakes and without time lost.
Germany has the most powerful market in Europe. Serving clients in a such market helped us to grow faster.
Working with German and European companies was an honor for us since 2018.

Who is HMi Agency | Who is HMi GmbH | About us from Advertising Agency in Germany | HMi
Who is HMi Agency | Who is HMi GmbH | About us from Advertising Agency in Germany | About Printing company Germany

Join our happy customers

Its very hard to find a professional advertising and marketing partner for your brand. Trusting a Branding Strategy can put your Brand in danger. Thats why we always suggest to our clients to make a research first about our name and make sure before choosing your advertising and marketing choices.

Having you as customer can help us to grow, as the circle of our customers gets larger, the change of getting bigger for us will increase.
Getting more clients made us to make more researches and spending more time on studying and analysing the market goals.

We solve business problems with Advertising, Marketing, Printing & IT

HMi Agency deliveres the best advertising & Marketing products from Germany.
We also offer online SEO and marketing services to big brands and names.

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Web Development 67%
Web Design 88%
Marketing Projects 92%
Gift Items & Giveaways 94%
HMi Agency | HMi Advertising & Marketing company in Germany | HMi Advertising Agency in Germany
Why Choose us

we search and find the best growing plans for your brand.

Its easy to ask always from us, why shall a customer choose us?
We always try to increase the chances of being trustable and being a great choice for customers.

You want to know more about HMi, its quit easy to say, have a look to our certifications, our previous projects, our size of production and great experience in international market world wide.
Serving big brands in Dubai, and in United States- Texas is a markable reason to say how big have we made our business and brand.

Its not about seeing HMi advertising on Google or on street, its about finding HMi Agency with organic marketing on internet.
As HMi Agency is made from 3 main companies under one name, its easy to say we try our best to be your real only one source for advertising, marketing, IT and printing products in Germany and EU countries.

We believe in, Together we can create a better tomorrow.
We always say in our training sessions to our employees that doing Business in any market is like Domino, if I help you to be successful, you will grow and order more to me, and if I waste your money and time on wrong services or products, you will not grow in your business which that means less jobs for me and my company.

So we always set our first goal to, Doing anything for clients to make them happy and successful.

Modern & Professional

Updating our advertising, printing, branding and marketing technologies and techniques helps us to introduce our self as a modern and professional company in Germany. In year 2022-2023 we have achieved over +170 new methods of marketing and printing technologies.


When a client contact us for their needs, no matter if they have an event and they need advertising products, or they have are looking for a marketing agency, or if they want to print any product, we always try to find the best solution matching their needs instead of selling only.

Well Trained

We never stop Training, and off curse we never stop trying new methods for developing. We believe in "As the technology is growing, advertising and marketing also grows at the side."


Creating a value for your brand and name starts from your today choices and activities. You might find a printing company who offers a printing product in Germany with few Euros more or less, but choosing a professional team who can deliver your needs in a professional way will effect your brand more than what you expect.



Being royal to our customers made us an advertising and printing company with over 33 years of excellent experience.


Trusting a company who has served big brands and names arround the world and over 10.000 startup companies annually, might be a good reason for new clients.


One of our key elements for many years of being in international market is being reliable for our customers.
We care about our customers and we try our best to make them happy. 

''The way to HMi''

We have started with heart, with a great reason to be in the market, we have big ideas, and thinking of a big future.
We started in 1989 in Dubai as a printing and promotional gift items supplier. We have learned many things from our customers, we have experienced many different cases, and we have served big names and brands.
We have developed our business in African Continent, by supplying printed and unprinted promotional gift items.
As we have grown in the last few years, we have come up with an Idea to start in Europe.
• In 2015 we started thinking about and analyzing the market
• In 2016 we have made project research and checked all the suppliers in the market.
• In 2017, we made the decision to start a company in Germany.
• In 2018, We have Established HMi GmbH in Bochum- Germany.

We have created a new name, a new story, and a new brand to make sure we start from scratch and zero in the European market.
The Middle East and Africa are different than European countries, for this reason, we have established a new brand.


The year of Idea | We have started by looking closely at some items, products, companies, and needs in Europe and especially in Germany.


Research Process | We have started by searching one by one all the exhibitions and trade shows to find all the needs in the market. We have Anylised A-Z.


We have made the decision. In 2017 we created a business plan with the fact of creating a 5 years situation and plans for our new company in advance.


In January 2018, we established our new company in Germany Bochum. In 2018 We have created the HMi GmbH concept and company from zero for a big future.

We started in 1989 in Dubai and served thousands of customers daily and weekly around the world. With over three decades of great experience, we have reached to this point and created HMi Agency as a new name and brand.

HMi GmbH • HMI Agency

We store at our own Warehouses!

We Store our products and ship them to you directly from 3 different locations in Germany.
- HMi Agency -

HMi GmbH Warehouse in Bochum | HMi advertising agency in Bochum Warehouse no 1
HMi Warehouse 01
We have 16 Warehouses in Germany, in different cities. We store near to 500.000 different promotional gift items, corporate gifts, and giveaways in our Warehouses.
HMi Warehouse Germany | HMi Advertising & Printing company in Germany since 2018 | HMi Agency
HMi Offset Factory
We offer Offset Printing to our clients, with the best quality printing and fast shipment. We offer fair prices, and we never say we are the cheapest in the market.
HMi Warehouse 02 Bochum | HMi Warehouse | HMi Advertising & printing agency in Germany
HMi Warehouse 02
We store giveaways, promotional gift items, and marketing products in 3 different locations in Germany. Depending on your order we print and ship them to you.
HMi Advertising Company | HMi Printing Agency | HMi GmbH Bochum | HMi Marketing & Printing company in Düsseldorf
Delivery & Shipping
Depending on the size of your order, the weight, the order type, and the printing type we ship our orders with different shipping companies.
HMi GmbH | HMi Advertising & Printing agency in Germany | HMi Printing Factory in Bochum | HMi GmbH
HMI Quality Control
Claims, Printing errors, Order problems, and mistakes will be taken care of by HMi Quality control team. We try our best to provide you the best customer service.
HMi GmbH Warehouse in Germany | HMi Advertising & Marketing Agency | HMi GmbH Bochum | HMi Advertising company
Shipping Factory
We Ship and deliver your orders depending on the type of order, quantity of products, and type of printing. We Pack and ship to you or your event within 24-48 hours.

Need Support?

We look forward to hearing from you, if you need support, or if you are looking for any subject and couldn’t find enough information, feel free to contact our great support team.

HMi Agency, will make your job easier than ever!

HMi Agency offers different printing products, promotional gif items, giveaways, corporate gifts, and marketing tools.
We developed our Company in 2023 and made a great system for our clients to make their job easier.
However, we still offer customized Products and 5-star customer support.

HMi Sales Office in Düsseldorf | HMi GmbH | HMi Advertising & Promotional gift supplier in Germany | HMi GmbH

Sales Office 02

HMi Agency/ HMi GmbH

HMi Production central office in Germany | HMI Advertising Agency in Bochum | HMi GmbH

Production Center

HMi Production Central